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A metro spokesman said during trial runs, the interaction of the trains with civil structure would be checked to ensure that there is no physical blockage during its movement on the tracks.
The initial announcement about the initiative was made in November 2014, wherein the RTA announced that it will embark upon the trial run of electric buses where the battery can be recharged up to 80 per cent in less than 30 minutes and the bus can cover up to 200km with a full battery at a speed of 100km per hour.
The trial run will see the train travelling upto a speed of 160 kilometres per hour.
The trial runs will continue daily and will expand their reach in three phases over the next few months.
Trial runs of Dubai's new tram system will begin on Sunday with an initial batch of 11 trains, a report quoting the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said.
QC sources said the trial runs would be held tomorrow, on 27 February and on 4 March between 07:00 and 14:00.
The trial run involves using a collapsible trailer to replicate the actual deliveries with a pole overhanging the back to imitate the blade.
The new policy, due to be put into practice officially today, was given a trial run on Friday and revellers gave it their full backing.
The plant operator, known as TEPCO, said it aimed to restart a trial run as early as Tuesday afternoon after adjusting the liquid flow.
Headteacher Jane Kelly said: "The community cafe trial run was a very successful event.
The trial run was preceded by a small puja, with senior DMRC officials in attendance who also travelled on the first train from Lajpat Nagar to Central Secretariat.
The Taiwan Cabinet recently put in place a program to trial run at least 3,000 EVs in 10 major cities on the island over the next three years, coupled with a per-EV subsidy of US$3,125.
lt;p>Engineers at the National Electricity Control (NEC) in Sana'a confirmed that the trial run of 137 megawatts of the 341mw Station, built in Marib governorate, has been successful.
Dubai, 15 Sept: he United Arab Emirates central bank said it was holding a trial run on Monday for a newly formed panel of providers for the interbank offered rate, but had delayed its start due to a server problem.
64% interests, completed the 168 hours trial run on August 26, 2006.