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Leading up to the trial period, which began in October, a business case study was performed over 18 months to evaluate the possibility of a single UTA and the potential cost-savings and efficiencies that could be gained by this transition.
On 30 May 2013, day 88 of the trial period, Hutchison was given a letter inviting him to attend a meeting the next day to discuss concerns around his employment (detailed in the letter).
Pokemon Bank Now Available for Download in North America 3DS eShop, Download Before March 14, 2014 to Get 30-Day No-Charge Trial Period [WATCH VIDEO]
There was an anger from cycling charity CTC Cymru when the North Shore was rejected as part of the off road National Cycle Route, but in February a Conwy County Council working party agreed to allow pedallers onto the prom for a 12 month trial period.
Justin Richmond, the company vice president of search marketing, said, 'After our trial period, we were confident that Kenshoo would be a valuable asset in optimising our online marketing and advertising efforts.
Surely a trial period for the new whip rules would have been sensible?
Under the revised rules, any modified loan may be repurchased after successfully completing a three-month trial payment period, if a trial period is required.
Air China's lounge will be officially opened on 1 June for a trial period until 15 June 2011.
For a year-long trial period, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 will be able to screen up to 12 minutes of adverts, instead of the current seven minutes, in each hour.
The extension of the trial period means that the solution is available on a free trial basis to all users who download the application before 28 February 2011.
During the trial period with the development squad she will have the opportunity to develop her skills and follow a set programme both inside and outside of our squad setting.
During the trial period users have unlimited access to both Companion and website applications.
The Government intends to extend to all employers the 90-day trial period for new workers; make changes to how the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) operates, including Less strict processes to sack someone; require permission for union access to workplaces; allow workers to trade in one of four annual Leave weeks for cash and transfer public holidays; and also require workers to provide proof of illness when they take sick days.
Nonetheless, the website is still in a trial period and both daily and weekly publications are available with a temporary user name and password.