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a judge in a trial court

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That the Learned Trial Judge erred in law and totally misapprehended the facts of the matter in overruling the objection of the Appellant on the inappropriateness of the Originating Summons proceeding in the determination of the first Respondent's case.
The sole dissenting judge, Justice Berger, however, argued that the trial judge erred in his analysis and came to an "unreasonable verdict" according to Section 686(1)(a)(i) of the Criminal Code.
The trial Judge is supposed to be fair and transparent and should act as a man of ordinary prudence and he should not stretch his imagination to infinity rendering the whole exercise mockery of law," the court said.
The trial judge decided in favour of Mrs Brewer, upholding her claim against Mr Mann and SMRL as well as Fortis, and dismissed Fortis's counterclaim.
2001), the Fourth District Court of Appeal held that prosecutors were not entitled to speak with the trial judge on an ex parte basis in a criminal case regarding an alleged crime-fraud exception to the attorney client privilege.
The first was the fact that after the trial judge gave his instructions to the jury, Dr.
Having reviewed the transcript of those proceedings, we are happy to acknowledge that not only was this accusation not made by the Trial Judge of Mr O'Donoghue QC, but also that the Trial Judge used no words from which this could have been inferred.
The court first discussed the issue of whether the trial judge erred in the decision.
Their barristers argued yesterday the trial judge should have withdrawn the case from the jury at the close of the prosecution case on the ground of "no case to answer".
A MAN accused of raping a teenage boy could be cleared of all charges as his trial judge gave permission for him to appeal in a rare legal move.
The defendants challenged the fact that the trial judge allowed Dr.
For instance, in People v Alexander, the trial judge failed to comply with Rule 431(b), but did ask, "Do you have any bias against a person merely because he has been charged with a criminal offense?
He said that the absurdity and politically motivated nature of these cases was more than exposed when the tapes of conversation between the prosecutors and the trial judge surfaced in 2001 and the conviction awarded by the trial court was set aside on appeal.
Summary: A trial judge in India dismissed the main defense lawyer for the only surviving suspected gunman, citingC*
Appeal judges overturned Hopkinson's murder conviction after deciding trial judge Lord Abernethy had misdirected the jury.