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the first court before which the facts of a case are decided

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Eleven (11) special trial courts were notified as per the above Constitutional amendments and to ensure against miscarriage of justice, a system of referring cases to Special Trial Courts has been put in place.
Therefore, he had said, Odho is entitled to acquittal under the provisions of Section 265-K of the Criminal Procedure Code, adding that the trial court should have disposed of her application on merit, instead of postponing the decision on technical grounds.
Aside from the judiciary complex, Sereno said at least P350 million had been set aside to set up 12 trial courts for the cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu City.
Because the court had no record of any evidence before the trial court to support the asserted claim of privilege.
First, the trial court, the "lower tribunal," has the power to stay its own orders.
In 1980, defendant Kenneth Zehr submitted three questions to the trial court to be asked during voir dire.
Florida trial court staff attorneys will gather in Miami this October for their 10th annual conference.
The appeals court underscored that the trial court has discretion to work out a solution, including determining the reasonableness of the cost to be borne by the demanding party.
Another aspect of the CARS project that mirrors commercial ERP installations is the creation of a shared services center--the Accounting Processing Center, or APC--to perform administrative and financial tasks for the trial courts.
In May of this year, Neil Lewis reported an even more stunning item in The New York Times: In 26 consecutive cases where trial courts had granted "habeas corpus" petitions delaying prisoner death sentences, the appellate court reversed every single one--a result that is difficult to justify if one attributes any force to habeas law or assumes that trial court judges are at least minimally competent.
It needlessly and inefficiently delays case resolution, results in additional and unnecessary client expenses, and can be eliminated by consolidating the trial courts.
The Directory of State Court Clerks offers easy access to a treasure-trove of vital information, including important records maintained by state appellate and trial courts and county courthouses, nationwide.
ISLAMABAD -- Around 388 cases have been transferred to 11 special trial courts, established under National Action Plan (NAP) are serving as a cogent deterrent against terrorism.
THE SUPREME Court on Tuesday ordered the creation of 240 additional trial courts nationwide to handle rising cases of alleged violations of the dangerous drugs law.
A bill that proposed the creation of 100 positions for judges-at-large who could be assigned by the Supreme Court (SC) anywhere in the country to help decongest clogged dockets and speed up disposition of cases in the trial courts has been filed at the House of Representatives.