trial balloon

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a test of public opinion

a balloon sent up to test air currents

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But all has been quiet for this year's election; not as much as a peep, never mind a trial balloon.
To many, this announcement sounded like a trial balloon to see if the world was concerned about the proposed execution of Ashtiani for adultery or was just agitated by the sentence of stoning.
The so-called Bernadotte Plan for Arab-Israeli settlement was sent out twice: in June (1948) as a trial balloon and in September (1948) as a proposal for UN action.
In what looked like a trial balloon floated by the Obama administration, The New York Times reported last week that the president is considering a plan to allow millions of homeowners with government-backed mortgages to refinance their loans at current rates of about 4 percent.
On September 19 Joseph Montgolfier launched a trial balloon containing a sheep, a cock and a duck.
One trial balloon rises with every school finance crisis, and generally takes 24 to 48 hours to crash to the ground.
Somebody floats a trial balloon, and things get unsettled, so they walk it back a bit.
The campaign is widely believed to be a trial balloon by certain factions of the ruling National Democratic Party testing Gamal's popularity ahead of a possible presidential run.
The news leaks were widely interpreted as a possible trial balloon by the White House to increase pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had tense talks with Obama last month at the White House.
One need only to look at some of the supporters of this document to realize it is a barely veiled Conservative trial balloon launched to set the stage to fulfill government's intentions to further back away from its obligations to First peoples, reducing rather than increasing funding for education as it should.
The occasion for this latest nationalization trial balloon is the looming result of the Treasury's bank strip-tease -- a.
In October the Conservatives floated the trial balloon that, come February 2008, Hillier would have completed the normal three-year tour as CDS and would be retiring.
If he's sending up this idea as a trial balloon, we'd like to borrow Schwarzenegger's Harrier jet from ''True Lies'' to blow it out of the sky.
Although limited to agricultural workers, Senate Bill 180 was viewed as a trial balloon for continued federal action on "card-check" legislation.
After a television rebroadcast of his remarks, a correspondent speculated that this might have been a Pentagon trial balloon.