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sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment or food

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Ambulance staff are arriving at the hospital at the end of a stressful shift and then have to wait there for hours - waiting for a triage nurse, waiting to hand over a patient.
A total of 22 paramedics and ambulance personnel were unable to leave the Royal on Saturday night for extended periods of time because every patient had to be signed over to a triage nurse before they could leave.
His wife Barbara said the couple had arrived at the acute medical unit at 7pm and Mr Eaton was seen by a triage nurse - but they waited eight hours before a doctor was available.
and told a triage nurse that he had just killed Wright and had tried to commit suicide, according to the affidavit.
Bu-Unuq added the patient triage project aims to provide appropriate care in a timely manner to patients according to their health status, where patients are sorted by triage nurse according to their cases, red or green colors, whereas red color indicates to cases of urgent emergency situation, patients in this case will be directly sent to be examined by the treatment doctor, while green color means patients of routinely cases, which are sorted by the triage nurse to ordinary and extraordinary cases, preference is given to extraordinary cases to be seen by the doctor without waiting.
After a modest wait we saw a fantastic triage nurse who talked to the 77-yearold as a real, sentient but ill person.
For many years informal triage was the norm locally and nationally; the unofficial triage nurse would draw on her years of clinical experience in dealing with children to distinguish the critically ill.
A triage nurse visited and arranged for Shepley GP Dr Duncan Shaw to see her the following day.
Verderly notified the triage nurse that she was walking to a train station and felt pain in her chest.
Patients needing urgent help or advice are being asked to phone the triage nurse to book an appointment on 01745 448330.
Once in A&E I was examined by the triage nurse and sent for a CT scan.
A special thanks to nurses Sarah and Julie, aides Judy and Cookie, and Tracey the triage nurse who offered advice and compassion whenever a question arose.
This author further warns that triage can only be successful if the triage nurse can assign the rendering of immediate first aid measures (such as cardiac resuscitation or arresting haemorrhage) to another caregiver while s/he resumes the triaging of patients.
He had told the triage nurse on initial presentation that he was allergic to penicillin, but the hospitalist subsequently administered ampicillin.
When a worker gets hurt, they call the triage nurse who refers them to the right medical provider and follows a set protocol sending a report on the worker, the injury, and the medical setting to the risk manager, the TPA, the RTW coordinator and the medical provider.