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Synonyms for trey

the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

one of four playing cards in a deck having three pips


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While Trey is rarely in the public eye, he will be very much in the spotlight when he plays to the large crowds set to attend the Beats on the Beach concert series in Abu Dhabi during the Formula 1 weekend.
Trey shares The Ritz-Carlton commitment to inspire travel.
There's definitely a lot of potential in Trey and I look forward to unleashing it.
Grammy Award-nominated R&B superstar Trey Songz has, of course, recorded two chart-topping collaborations with Nicki - Touchin/Loving and Bottoms Up.
Trey immediately puts his hands to his head in complete frustration.
Trey, Charlene and Rio have been supported by Kirklees Family Intervention Project, an Action for Children project.
I''m definitely looking forward to playing in Liverpool," says Trey.
Chip explained: "I recently did some of the Ne-Yo tour dates with Trey.
Trey fits the bill perfectly for us and will be just the kind of player who can not only score from anywhere, but also provide some leadership on the floor.
His roommate, Trey, is the blueblood son of a congressman, and Vince is delighted to be matched up with someone so respectable--until he learns that Trey is a kleptomaniac.
Group Rooster was a strong even-money favourite, but it was Trey United who led Spiral Citrate into the back, with Winetavern Oscar a length third.
The coaches will run the counter-trey, then build a counter run and a play-action pass off the counter trey action.
ACC Construction has received an Honorable Mention for Unique Community Impact by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for the construction of the 60,000 s/f Trey Whitfield School at 69 Williams Street in East New York, Brooklyn.