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tight-fitting trousers

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It seems like his months of research might just be over and he is ready to return to his headline generating machine known as the Trews.
Next Midland Gig: Tomorrow at HMV Institute's Library, supporting The Trews.
They're back with their big frills, blouson jackets and velvet trews.
Also on display were "underwear, housecoats, knitwear, seperates, cottons, gowns, dresses, trews, beach outfits, sportswear and millinery".
Among the most recent incidents are the attempted theft of a flat-bed lorry from the Brackla Industrial Estate, Bridgend, between October 12 and 14, an attempted break-in at a body repair shop on Trews Field Industrial Estate, Bridgend, overnight between October 13 and 14, and a factory break-in on the Brynmenyn Industrial Estate, in which nothing was taken, overnight between October 12 and 13.
We're loving Gigi's cute pink jumper and puffa coat combo, but the gold shimmery trews and chunky shoes have lost us.
STROPHY TROUSERS PS20, Wallis Dress patterned trews simply with a vest or a neutral blouse.
Checked trews are back in fashion thanks to Paul Smith's latest collection.
It's perfect for work with a smart skirt or for a relaxed look with a tonal pair of trews
The seven-minute rant on his YouTube channel The Trews.
Real only asks because what other explanation could there possibly be for Billy Connolly choosing these hideous tartan trews to wear to attend the Moet British Independent Film Awards?
Canadian rockers Hedley will take the stage with Weezer, The Trews and Foxy Shazam.
I'd wager her sons' faces were as red as Elle's trews as their mum stepped out of her car to see them safely to the school gates.
7 million for the same number of trews, socks and jackets.
That night, teary men from both sides of the Tweed sporting kilts and sporrans or tartan trews raised drams to salute the Scots' fallen monarch, the Borders men who died and, finally, themselves: the 1513 Club, which keeps alive the memory of that savage September slaughter.