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a bridge supported by trestlework

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Mid-State Trail users had been re-routed over the ridge and to and from the trestle bridge since the tunnel's closing.
In San Diego and Arizona Eastern #7, 2003, a trestle bridge spans the mouth of a canyon like a dark spiderweb.
Putah Creek Nature Park Head to the century-old trestle bridge to find a wilder walk on the trails along Putah Creek.
I looked out the window to see that we were about to cross a deep gorge that was spanned by a trestle bridge.
Davis's score seamlessly stitched together rousing military themes of the time with many colourful effects, including some atmospheric string writing to accompany Keaton's setting fire to the trestle bridge, setting up its famous collapse in the most expensive single shot in silent cinema.
Officers Steve Shoemaker and Jerry Bledsoe of the Scott County, Missouri, Sheriffs Office were dispatched to a report of a man attempting to hang himself from a railroad trestle bridge.
Photo: (1--Color) The Georgetown Loop Railroad steam train chugs along a trestle bridge over Clear Creek on its journey from Georgetown, Colo.
VICTORIA, British Columbia -- Carmanah Technologies Corporation is providing 26 EverGEN 1710 solar LED lighting units to illuminate the Selkirk Trestle Bridge in Victoria, BC.
The project includes the development of the design, construction plans, specifications, and cost estimate for the rehabilitation of the abandoned railroad trestle bridge over the Willimantic River and the construction of approximately 400 LF feet of multi-use trail from the east end of the bridge to Route 66 in Willimantic, CT
Work is continuing on a trestle bridge across the river, which should be completed in the spring.
Westmoreland County: Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation -- $595,000 to replace an aging, low-capacity wooden pile trestle bridge with a steel pile trestle bridge.
A curious fact about the film is that after shooting a climactic moment when a burning trestle bridge collapses under the weight of a train, the vintage locomotive was simply abandoned in the river, where it presumably is still rusting away to this day.
The train passes over a trestle bridge crossing the Santa Clara River gorge and glide past onetime hamlets of Sespe, Kevet and Keith, which along with Saticoy, Limco, Haines, Briggs, Montalvo, Buckhorn, Cavin and Piru, were stops along the once-bustling Ventura-Saugus line.
Threaded through a trestle bridge that spanned 20 feet was a line with laundry supported by thick poles that formed the boundaries of the piece.
The bridge will be reconstructed in place by building new foundation system under the existing wood trestle bridge and placing precast box sections during three weekend closures.