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Since the solitude of these mountains has been unable to conceal me, and the escape of my dishevelled tresses will not allow my tongue to deal in falsehoods, it would be idle for me now to make any further pretence of what, if you were to believe me, you would believe more out of courtesy than for any other reason.
TRY: A color-depositing rinse If you're ready to commit to a pretty pastel, take the plunge by playing with a wash-in that slowly tints tresses with semi-permanent color.
A WOMAN with 55ft-long dreadlocks met her hairdresser hubby after he saw her record-breaking tresses online.
Former bridal wear designer Tracey, who lives in Alnwick, has spent four to five hours a day for the past six weeks decorating the eye-catching tresses.
com)-- Napptural Tresses Inc, an organization committed to offering high-quality natural hair extensions, is pleased to announce the launch of its fully featured website: www.
Designed to keep hair smooth and frizz-free, this uses cutting-edge technology and ingredients to tame tresses and give real celebrity style to locks.
And she added: "This one is definitely a falconry bird as it's got leather tresses on its leg.
Her new short tresses are light years ahead of the boring long hairdo that was not only adding extra years to her, but also stopping her youthful exuberance from shining through.
Our testers go in search of fragrant tresses with three new hair perfumes label.
And, as fun as the Marsha Hunt afro was, we are happy to see the fiery fashionista back to her sleek, long tresses.
Treat your tresses - Give your locks a weekly moisture boost with an intensive treatment for extra hydration and to keep grey hair looking glossy and healthy.
Actress Jennifer Aniston was forced to chop off her long tresses and opt for a blunt cut after a hair therapy went wrong.
Demand for pastel hair colours is on the rise with stars such as Kelly Osbourne leading the way with her lilac tresses.
While, conversely, in their heart of hearts her plain sisters would happily scrub floors if they could but have her flowing gold tresses in recompense.
In the picture, the 58-year-old talk show host proudly models her curly tresses with a big smile.