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an operation that removes a circular section of bone from the skull

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Several surgical approaches to the frontal sinus have been described, including frontal sinusotomy, endoscopic endonasal sinusotomy, and various combined approaches that involve both endoscopic techniques and frontal sinus trephination (FST).
However, results of aerobic culture of a sample collected during the trephination procedure was negative for bacterial growth.
In the researchers' analysis, skull surgery, or trephination, occurred on seven of 23 Inca individuals who suffered major cranial trauma, most likely due to warfare, and on 21 of 77 individuals who had minor, healed cranial injuries.
However, suture repair of avascular zone tears in tandem with trephination of the peripheral tissue resulted in partial or complete healing in all cases.
Incision and trephination were performed; pathologic examination after orthopedic intramedullary placement is shown in Figure 5.
Based on carbon-14 dating, the oldest example of trephination was discovered in the Ukraine and is dated as 7300 B.
Scanes Spicer's name never gained association with the similar procedure that his colleagues in the United States and France described) involved a sublabial transantral approach to the maxillary sinus, with trephination of the sinus through the antrum near the canine fossa.
Other techniques that potentially aid in healing that are utilized include trephination and rasping of the tear surface to cause bleeding.
He excelled in both, as a professor of surgery at the Bicetre in Paris and as a noted anthropologist dealing with a plethora of subjects, including the Cro-Magnon man and Neolithic trephination.