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an operation that removes a circular section of bone from the skull

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Several surgical approaches to the frontal sinus have been described, including frontal sinusotomy, endoscopic endonasal sinusotomy, and various combined approaches that involve both endoscopic techniques and frontal sinus trephination (FST).
However, results of aerobic culture of a sample collected during the trephination procedure was negative for bacterial growth.
Treatment modalities vary from curettage and bone grafting to trephination with injection of allogeneic demineralized bone matrix and autogenous bone marrow.
Trephination was common practice and the osteological evidence is that survival was high and the rate of infection low.
Since trephination was practiced for a number of reasons (including allowing egress of bad spirits in cases of illness and head injury), it is conceivable that the trephination was made directly over a depressed skull fracture.
Incision was made by using surgical blade #11, and drainage by artery forceps and bone trephination.
However, suture repair of avascular zone tears in tandem with trephination of the peripheral tissue resulted in partial or complete healing in all cases.
Michael March, "From Trephination to Tailored Resection: Neurosurgery in Germany before World War II" Buchfelder, Volume 56, 2005, Issue 3, pp 605-613
Comparison of pulpectomy alone versus pulpectomy with trephination for the relief pain.
The most successful "new civilization" managed to bag hospitals, habeas corpus, and trephination (Incan brain surgery).
Furthermore, there have been a lopsided number of cases of trephination for subdural hematomas.
Incision and trephination were performed; pathologic examination after orthopedic intramedullary placement is shown in Figure 5.
Based on carbon-14 dating, the oldest example of trephination was discovered in the Ukraine and is dated as 7300 B.