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Synonyms for trend-setter

someone who popularizes a new fashion

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Trend-setters like Becks love Lolita Lempicka's fragrance.
As San Fernando transforms itself into a trend-setter for urban renewal, plans to complete the Valley's first Olympic-quality swim center have stalled.
The winner for May 16 is TREND-SETTER from Bryan Bridges of Wolverhampton.
Wisconsin has long been a trend-setter in public education.
The Odyssey was introduced in 1994 and became a trend-setter in the current minivan boom.
Not even his most loyal fans - and there were millions of them in his 50s/60s heyday - would claim that he was a trend-setter.
Company Achieves Trend-Setter Designation for Fourth Successive Year
TREND-SETTER Cheryl Cole has clearly made her mark in the States - just look at the state of Sarah Jessica Parker's barnet.
I know I'm not a trend-setter because any trend I've set no one follows.
The ground became something of a trend-setter in the 1930s as it began to take shape.
LOS Angeles may be a trend-setter in many ways, but not when it comes to setting a ``green'' example.
There are lots of stylish people out there so if you think you're a trend-setter or just want your 15 minutes of fame, send us a pic and we'll publish the funniest, cutest and coolest.
Carlton's Spring '93 Auction was a trend-setter as well as a record-setter.
We are pleased that KMWorld has recognized FAST as a trend-setter, and will continue to work toward changing the paradigm of search.
Knowing Coleen is such a trend-setter, I have decided to follow her lead -and inimitable style - to help explain how the other half live.