trend analysis

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analysis of changes over time

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3 Mid-tier millionaire per capita net worth trend analysis
On the other end of the spectrum, Nassau-Suffolk, NY; Orange County, CA; Riverside-San Bernardino, CA; San Diego, CA; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; and Washington, DC, are currently "strong", according to MGIC's Market Trend Analysis.
These tools provide critical functions such as reporting disk space consumption and how it can best be distributed, providing alerts when thresholds are about to be reached or exceeded and generating trend analysis to determine problem areas to project capacity needs for the future.
TO FORM EXPECTATIONS, AUDITORS commonly use three broad types of analytical procedures, including trend analysis, ratio analysis and model-based procedures.
It includes a computer and touchscreen monitor, allowing operators to easily access defect maps and trend analysis.
As in other types of predictive maintenance systems, the readings give a trend analysis showing well in advance that some future action will be needed.
Of the 73 MSAs covered in the Market Trend Analysis, seven scored "strong" market ratings in the second quarter.
and global consumer trend analysis and marketing consulting to businesses in a variety of sectors, including health-care, financial services, information technology and automotive.