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a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess

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Malan, Charles 2008 Interview: Eben Venter's Trencherman.
The erudite trencherman is reflected in the magazine, which dedicates long features to topics like kaiseki (a Japanese meal that is a ritualistic series of between seven and 10 small courses), the bar food of the Andalusia region of Spain, or an annual cookie bake at a Pennsylvania church.
A trencherman of apparently awesome alcoholic capacity, Yorke was at least as devoted to 'the good life' as to any architectural agenda and accordingly was happy to delegate much of the work in his share of YRM to younger and more able assistants.
This valiant trencherman undoubtedly found in his sometimes excessive consumption of food and drink an escape from the stresses of political life, but his appetite for the success of the Federation movement and for the stability of the early Commonwealth was without question equally large.
None of this is good news for golfer Colin Montgomerie, a noted trencherman, whose quest for that elusive first major has him in Atlanta this weekend competing in the American PGA.
He was a great trencherman, great beer drinker, wine drinker, spirit drinker, social drinker.
In this, the 25th anniversary year of Apollo 11, it's worth recalling the famous quip of conservative trencherman M.
Dawid de Villiers suggests that Trencherman grants a "certain kind of Afrikaner his doomsday prophesy, only then to reveal the depravity of such a vision, which finally comes down to having no vision at all" (2008).
The main course to which I moved - khara masala ka gosht - likewise came in a size that would have tested the appetite of a particularly hungry trencherman.
As you might surmise from his girth, the great man was a keen trencherman.
This is where trained chef Louise has taken centre stage serving up mounds of fresh, home-made food of the trencherman variety.
The food would have been of the most excellent quality (my aunt is a great cook) and in ample supply, despite our recent co-option by marriage of a world class trencherman called Dave.
Initially the glasses will be filled with shiraz and chardonnay wines, as well as a rose under the Trencherman brand.
Glasses will initially contain Shiraz and Chardonnay wines from southern Australia plus a Californian rose under the Trencherman brand.