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a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range

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Brigade light trench mortar batteries wore a blue cloth grenade above the patch with the ball of the grenade centred on the brigade coloured strip.
Lance Corporal B Hanson of the 5th Dukes was in a deep dug out at Authuille, north of Albert, when a trench mortar exploded on top of it.
Major CORBETT OC 1st Army Trench Mortar School meets Capt DEAN 1st CDTMO at this HQs during morning to discuss the Trench Mortar as used in AMIENS and ARRAS Operations.
David Brown was formed in 1860 as a pattern maker for cast gears but became world-famous for its power transmissions and tractors | The company has occupied its Park Works headquarters site since 1902 | During the First World War employee numbers rose from 200 to 1,000 as David Brown made products such as propulsion units for warships, gun training and elevating mechanisms and trench mortar bombs | David Brown collaborated with Harry Ferguson to manufacture the Ferguson-Brown Tractor in 1936 before unveiling the first David Brown tractor in 1939.
Because of a German trench mortar that blew the hell out of us each morning, the members of the upcoming raid were withdrawn to the little village of La Clytte.
Tape, flags and name boards were erected showing the German names of trenches and positions, while all known trench mortar and machine gun emplacements, headquarters units and other important tactical points were marked on the ground.
Bandsman and stretcher bearer Robert H Watson wrote: "A trench mortar shell burst in the middle of seven of the Marsden Company and wounded them all.
DEMONSTRATION: These British troops are being given instructions on how to use a trench mortar in a former German trench at Gommecourt in 1917.
His father received a letter from his son's platoon commander which stated: "A bomb from a trench mortar was flung into the trenches which were occupied by the men of my platoon.
The "3 inch" mortar was a British trench mortar invented by Sir Wilfred Stokes KBE which was issued to the British Army and the Commonwealth armies during the latter half of the First World War.
He was killed during a three hour long bombardment of the trenches by the same trench mortar shell that killed Pte Joseph Worsley of Thongsbridge and Longroyd Bridge man Pte George William Smith.
Verdun, the Somme, Passchendaele, Ypres, the Marne, Arras, and scores of other battlegrounds ravaged by the most hideous implements of modern warfare -- machine guns, flamethrowers, poisonous gas, trench mortars, artillery, aircraft, submarines -- all haunt European memory like the destructive exploits of a delinquent youth who had experimented with self-immolation for purposes long forgotten.
According to The People's Daily in China, the Islamic insurgents have trained macaques and baboons, arming them with AK-47 rifles, machine guns and trench mortars in the Waziristan tribal region near the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Initially, the Japanese troops lived in tents, but to defend against trench mortars, two containers were stacked.
When trench mortars or bullets are shot at French or Australian troops operating right next to the SDF, it is impossible for the SDF to say, 'We cannot work with you,''' said Taro Aso, chairman of the LDP's Policy Research Council, commenting on the possible easing of SDF weapon-use restrictions.