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a military style raincoat

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Invest in a bright green trench coat - it'll really pop against denim.
Most of our garments are designed to flatter an hourglass figure, so I wanted to create a cinched trench coat that would work well with a pair of jeans or over a fit-and-flare dress.
Markle, on the other hand, wore black top and black pants underneath her beige trench coat and shawl.
com 8 VINYL REVIVAL Shine on in a Studio by Preen Trench Coat, PS120, from Debenhams, debenhams.
If a customer wants to have a bag or trench coat personalized, she has to wait several days because the item has to be sent to Scotland where all the stitching and finishing is done.
Christopher Bailey, the CEO and creative director of Burberry, will be in Dubai on April 12 to host The Art Of The Trench, an event showcasing the heritage and craftsmanship of the trench coat, which became popular during the First World War.
Converting well-worn costumes into abstract "paintings," Portnoy continues his long-standing engagement with gestural abstraction, here manifested in oil pastel on the trench coat taken from the last chapter of the THRILLOCHROMES film.
The wonderful thing about the trench coat is versatility, as it works with everything from a dress or suit to jeans.
One of the best styles seen these days in plenty is the Burberry trench coat.
Fashion conscious shoppers ready to browse the new trench coat collection from Vince Camuto can do so by visiting MyReviewsNow.
TRENCH COATS: Kate Middleton has made them trendy again and we're loving this pounds 99 trench coat from Autograph at M&S.
LONDON: Luxury goods group Burberry has hooked up with social networking company Facebook to launch a Web site celebrating its trench coat, becoming the latest retailer to use social media in a bid to boost its brand.
Blue brim hat by Butterfly, pounds 12; multicolour scarf by Red Herring, pounds 15; black gloves by Red Herring, pounds 15; trench coat by Betty Jackson, pounds 100
Davis introduced storybook characters such as Code, a cool man of mystery in a black trench coat and hat who helps the needy; Joe, an 11-year-old destined for heroic greatness; and Genesis 5, a band of teenage angels who battle dark forces while attending high school.
John staggers into his own birthday party drunk and slices a cake with his bare hand; he later ostentatiously rips off a trench coat, revealing himself to be wearing nothing but a Speedo, and he roars, ``Tremble, ye elements, for Neptune is risen