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Synonyms for tremendous

Synonyms for tremendous

Synonyms for tremendous

extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree


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extreme in degree or extent or amount or impact

References in classic literature ?
Another sigh, deeper, more tremendous still, came from the abysmal depths of a soul.
The tremendous tragedy in which he had been involved--it was evident he was a fugitive from Weybridge--had driven him to the very verge of his reason.
They had penetrated the great range of mountains among which some of the upper branches of Salmon River take their rise, but had become so entangled among immense and almost impassable barricades of fallen pines, and so impeded by tremendous precipices, that a great part of their season had been wasted among these mountains.
And this noisiness, this exultation at the moment of the ship's departure, make a tremendous contrast to the silent moments of her arrival in a foreign roadstead - the silent moments when, stripped of her sails, she forges ahead to her chosen berth, the loose canvas fluttering softly in the gear above the heads of the men standing still upon her decks, the master gazing intently forward from the break of the poop.
Here, a 2d tremendous rap interrupted my Father in his speech, and somewhat alarmed my Mother and me.
Tis a maxim tremendous, but trite: And you'd best be unpacking the things that you need To rig yourselves out for the fight.
A boat was then despatched, to sound the channel, and attempt an entrance; but returned without success there being a tremendous swell, and breakers.
It is a most tremendous monster, like a great spider, with a body as big as an elephant and legs as long as a tree trunk.
Outside" we could see, ourselves, that there was a tremendous sea on.
It was tremendous, sensual, passionate; and yet there was something horrible there, too, something which made him afraid.
They went away without thinking of the tremendous significance of that immense and wealthy city being given over to destruction, for a great city with wooden buildings was certain when abandoned by its inhabitants to be burned.
But for the moment it appeared to me a tremendous crisis, and I listened as the minister of justice read his communication, with a thrill which lost itself in the interest I suddenly felt in the plundered author.
The Gardens are a tremendous big place, with millions and hundreds of trees, and first you come to the Figs, but you scorn to loiter there, for the Figs is the resort of superior little persons, who are forbidden to mix with the commonalty, and is so named, according to legend, because they dress in full fig.
The air for a second or two was filled with piteous shrieks from somewhere towards Charing-Cross, shrieks drowned almost immediately by another tremendous explosion from further north.
The little boy fell to the ground and gave a hoarse, tremendous howl.