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Synonyms for trembling

vibrating slightly and irregularly

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Quite by accident, of course, some pretty, easy music lay on the piano, and with trembling fingers and frequent stops to listen and look about, Beth at last touched the great instrument, and straightway forgot her fear, herself, and everything else but the unspeakable delight which the music gave her, for it was like the voice of a beloved friend.
Trembling lads were jerked out of bed and questioned.
I had to go by train, which was new to me, and required a good deal of courage the first time; but as I found the puffing, rushing, whistling, and, more than all, the trembling of the horse-box in which I stood did me no real harm, I soon took it quietly.
And so Szedvilas went on, asking one trembling question after another, while the eyes of the women folks were fixed upon him in mute agony.
He passed his trembling hand all about the hole, trying to think it possible that his eyes had deceived him; then he held the candle in the hole and examined it curiously, trembling more and more.
When I look at this room, -- whence so many guilty creatures have departed, trembling and ashamed, when I look at that chair before which I now sit trembling and ashamed, -- oh, it requires all my reason to convince me that I am not a very guilty woman and you a menacing judge.
My breath is coming in jerks--deep down in my breast I can hear it sobbing and trembling.
For if a "missing" ship has never turned up within the memory of seamen of my generation, the name of an "overdue" ship, trembling as it were on the edge of the fatal heading, has been known to appear as "arrived.
Yes, I prayed for you, Madame, and my heart died within me, so that I kept trembling and trembling.
Father, I don't blame you," replied Ginevra, with more gentleness than her trembling mother expected.
Old Simon turned pale, and put his trembling hands together.
Once, too, his trembling hands could not hold the bowl, and it fell to the ground and broke.
That is Mount Longwek, the Trembling Mountain of the Arabs.
I could have killed Strickland then, and I knew that my voice was trembling when I bade the nurse goodbye.
said Parfen, trembling beneath the flashing glance of Nastasia.