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a traveler who makes a long arduous journey (as hiking through mountainous country)

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In January, Northumberland National Park was accepted as part of the Trekker Loan Program, allowing the Park to use Google's Trekker equipment to help collect views of remote and unique location.
The Trekker, a camera system on a backpack, will let them take snaps of some of the capital's hidden gems.
The benefits to Convaid of its Trekker receiving the CE certification include the express permission to place a CE mark on each Trekker manufactured for export to the EU, permitting the Trekker to move freely between the EU member nations, facilitating sale and delivery of the Trekker to all EU Nations.
One Israeli hiker had a satellite messaging device, which meant the trekkers could contact loved ones, and they even prepared a birthday cake for one French trekker, stacking pancakes iced with chocolate spread.
Fuji (3776m)", we described alcohol kinetics (the change of the expiration alcohol concentration) and the effect of alcohol on balance in three trekkers.
The trek, part of the Trekker Loaner Program, was conducted by one Lindblad Expeditions' videographer, and yielded more than 10,000 panoramas shot at nine locations including New Island, Carcass Island, West Point Island, Right Whale Bay, Hercules Bay, Ernest Shackleton's Grave, Grytviken Church, Grytviken Whaling Station and Prion Island.
Tourism and Major Events Minister Louise Asher said the Victorian Coalition Government, through Tourism Victoria, had secured the use of the Street View Trekker system, with testing underway in Melbourne.
A spokesperson for NRW said: "The Trekker would be an ideal way to showcase the unique attractions of the Wales Coast Path and we are very interested in working with Google on this exciting project.
q=NASDAQ:GOOG) NASDAQ:GOOG ) Street View vans travel the streets of cities and neighborhoods around the world, the Trekker backpack program adapts the 360 degree capturing camera into a wearable backpack.
Street View Trekker is Google's latest innovation in mapping technology.
Follow the trekkers on their journey on Twitter: @FreezingOmanis
The charity drive also aims to raise awareness of autism and teach people how to deal with children suffering from the hereditary condition, said trekker and society board member Dr Karimi.
In addition, Havik, Steyvers, van der Velde, Pinkster, and Kooijman (2010) found improvement in Trekker users' self-reported orientation and mobility (O&M) skills and a change in attitude toward feeling safer and more independent.
COMIC Relief celebrity trekker Craig David has revealed how he helped Scots star Lorraine Kelly get through the gruelling desert walk.
The Trekker Breeze, a battery-packed device about the size of a pack of cigarettes, announces street names, intersections, landmarks, businesses and public services in the area as the user walks or rides in a vehicle.