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latticework used to support climbing plants

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Andrew Skafel, Director of Channel Marketing for Natural Convergence and Deb Mielke, Managing Director of Treillage Networks will address channel marketing in an April 25 webinar at 1:30 p.
The woven diamond design of Charmont, he pointed out, can be mixed with the contemporary damask look of Treillage.
The point of IMS architectures is to enable more applications to be delivered to more users more simply and cost effectively," said Deb Mielke, principal analyst at Treillage Network Strategies.
Independent, third-party interoperability testing accelerates time-to-market, and being able to develop and sell converged services quickly is the name of the survival game for service providers," said Deb Mielke, president of Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.
The transition to next-generation networks can be overwhelming for carriers," said Deb Mielke, principal of Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.
Dyaptive's solution is a compelling innovation because it takes the question marks out of quality," said Deb Mielke, Managing Director of Treillage Network Strategies.
Delivering traditional TDM services with packet services over an existing SONET metro/access infrastructure - reliably and profitably - becomes the challenge," said Deb Mielke, President of Treillage Network Strategies Inc.
NexTone has recognized the unique opportunities and challenges that VoIP presents for service providers and addressed it with a complete solution," said Deb Mielke, principal, at Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.
Independent telcos like Livingston are the proving ground for triple play services in the United States because their business models really won't support unprofitable deployments for very long," said Deb Mielke, principal at Treillage Network Strategies in McKinney, Texas.
ATM-based DSLAMs have proven too costly and cumbersome for video deployments, and IOCs are all looking toward IP-based solutions to make triple play a reality," said Deb Mielke, principal at Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.
Cost-containment while boosting end-to-end application performance over WANs is more important than ever to the enterprise," said Deb Mielke, Principal of Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.
com; Charles Hempfling and Michael Friduss from Hempfling, Friduss & Associates; Terry Sweeney an Independent Consultant; Deb Mielke from Treillage Network Strategies, Inc.