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Synonyms for treetop

the upper branches and leaves of a tree or other plant


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Two of the strongest monkeys caught Mowgli under the arms and swung off with him through the treetops, twenty feet at a bound.
The last words were shrieked as he was being swung through the air, but Rann nodded and rose up till he looked no bigger than a speck of dust, and there he hung, watching with his telescope eyes the swaying of the treetops as Mowgli's escort whirled along.
To-day is Sunday, and the garden is so quiet, that, sitting here in this shady corner watching the lazy shadows stretching themselves across the grass, and listening to the rooks quarrelling in the treetops, I almost expect to hear English church bells ringing for the afternoon service.
So a lurking humor ran through his deeds, and it was his delight to steal upon the squirrels, and, when he all but had them, to let them go, chattering in mortal fear to the treetops.
New Holland North America / Hamilton Gregory Advertising and TreeTop Communications Kubota Corporation / Woodruff Communications Syngenta Crop Protection Inc.
Sponsorships were available at $15 for a light, $25 for a snowflake, $50 for a bell or $1,000 for a treetop ornament.
Rainforests in Central and South America are full of treetop pools.
But the highlight has to be the 10-metre treetop sauna, complete with a floor-toceiling window to make the most of stunning views over the forest canopy.
Treetop Development announced that it has acquired a second development site in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx, located at 440 Exterior Street.
HFF marketed the property on behalf of the seller, a joint venture between Alex Brown Realty and Treetop Development.
The show, organised by promoters he Kids Are Solid Gold, will be adlined by London-based mericana five-piece TREETOP YERS.
The Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens offers you the chance to journey underground among the tree roots in the Rhizotron before climbing 18 metres up in the air onto the Xstrata Walkway to discover the birds, insects, lichens and fungi that rely on this tree canopy of sweet chestnuts, limes and deciduous oaks.
Those monkeying around on the treetop obstacle course will spend three hours trying out life up to 40ft from the ground.