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a small tree

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A code for the growth form of each species is given immediately after its name (T = large tree, M = mediumsized tree, U = treelet, and S = shrub), followed by a dash, then zero to three codes indicating slope specialists (S), swamp specialists (W), and colonizers (C).
Since each treelet has a huge number of flower buds, flowers and/or fruits, it was necessary to estimate the total from an average of direct counting on three inflorescences per individual.
No name Life form/habitat: Four-meter treelet in second growth forest.
Roles of nectar robbers in the reproduction of the tropical treelet Quassia amara (Simaroubaceae).
Animals disperse the seeds of most plant species in Neotropical wet forests, especially in the understory where about 98% of treelet and shrub species have fleshy fruits (e.
Ants create bare clearings around host individuals of the treelet Duroia hirsuta, Rubiaceae, in Amazonia (Olesen et al.
Our experiments were conducted with the treelet Piper cenocladum C.
Medium to low values of reproductive synchrony (Z), presented by most of the Rubiaccae species studied, are usually described for treelet and shrubs from the understory of tropical forests (Opler et al.
The understory shrub or treelet Palicourea lasiorrachis Oersted (Rubiaceae), which is distylous and self-incompatible, relies almost exclusively on Lampornis for pollination (details in Feinsinger and Busby 1987, Feinsinger et al.
The life-form, or physiognamy, of the species was assigned to one of two categories: (1) tree (tree, treelet, and shrub) or (2) liana (woody climber, hemi-epiphyte, creeper).
Comparative phenological studies of shrubs and treelets in wet and dry forests in the lowlands of Costa Rica.
Treelets, 3-9 (12) m tall, with stems, petioles and peduncles glabrous, leaves 25-30 x 13-16 cm, truncate to very oblique at the base, with the lobes shorter than the petioles, divergent and leaving a lateral sinus, with farinose texture in fresh leaves similar to velvet, very thick chartaceous, with green to reddish petioles, with prominent epidermal projections, spikes pendent, 20-30 cm long, with the rachis fimbriate, and with fruits 2.