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Synonyms for tree-living

inhabiting or frequenting trees

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Skeletons of early human ancestors show a combination of short legs and long arms, which are adaptations for tree-living.
Skeletons of early human ancestors show short legs and long arms, which are adaptations for tree-living.
The nocturnal tree-living creature, named isothrix barbarabrownae, right, has a broad head, pointed nose and long furry tail.
Serum samples were selected for screening for Balamuthia antibodies if the patient had clinical or laboratory features suggestive of Balamuthia encephalitis (elevated CSF protein and leukocyte counts or compatible findings on neuroimaging) and a history of outdoor occupational (agriculture or construction work) or recreational (camping or swimming) activities during which they may have been exposed to pathogenic or opportunistic tree-living amebas.
TREE-LIVING ACROBATS, the black tufted-eared marmoset (above), which weighs less than eight ounces, and the larger, look-alike Wied's tufted-eared marmoset (right) are skillful climbers that adapt to human changes.
IF the Casswells ever run out of squirrel recipe ideas they could always consult the internet where more than 2,500 websites are dedicated to the preparation and cooking of the tree-living rodents.
Lemurs, tree-living monkeys, didn't emerge for another 20 million years.
The shrinking rainforest provided fewer and fewer resources and shelter for the fauna, and so some tree-living primates started to leave the rainforest in search of food.
Not so for the tiny, tree-living thrips, the first known animal that can switch between laying eggs and bearing live young, says biologist Bernard J.