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a specialist in treating damaged trees

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A WARWICKSHIRE tree surgeon has hit out at vandals who carried out a "shocking" chainsaw attack on a tree which had stood in Coventry city centre for 60 years.
Cheetham, a tree surgeon who moved to Llangollen to start a new life after his criminal past, and who had been befriended by Mr Williams, admitted arson.
He is already talking about getting back to work, but plans to hire another tree surgeon to help him out.
After more failed attempts, a team of tree surgeons arrived to scale the black poplar tree and retrieve her in a purr-fect ending.
A tree surgeon was brought in to cut off those branches most likely to pose a risk and the road was closed at 2.
RESIDENTS have been warned about bogus tree surgeons operating in Lichfield after a series of complaints were logged with police officers.
The tree surgeon says he has been confronted by the public wanting to know why the trees are taken down and if they will be replaced - and he believes money should be ploughed into keeping the cemetery well-kept and enhanced with trees.
Tree surgeon Darren Robertson, was left hanging by his safety rope 20 feet in the air after the saw severed an artery in his left arm.
PERCHED high against the setting sun, tree surgeon Richard Allmond needs a head for heights and a strong instinct for self-preservation.
The city Street Tree Division found that vegetation on the private property in question was indeed overgrown and officials issued a citation notice to the owners, said Greg Monfette, a department tree surgeon supervisor.
A TREE surgeon died after slashing his neck with a chainsaw in a horrific accident, an inquest heard.
When I wanted to lop a loose branch on a tree in my garden two officials had to come from the local council and hold a solemn meeting underneath before the tree surgeon could remove it.
The Wrexham-based tree surgeon is fast gaining a reputation as an international chainsaw carver.
Private property vegetation was overgrown and a Street Tree Division citation notice was served to the owners in question, said Greg Monfette, a department tree surgeon supervisor.
All this effort was for nothing since a lily livered neighbour, who had a wonderful row of healthy mature poplar trees in his garden, folded under moaning by another neighbour about their creaking in high winds, and had them cut down despite the tree surgeon assuring him they were healthy trees.