tree stump

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the base part of a tree that remains standing after the tree has been felled

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If it hadn't been for the tree stump that stopped the SUV, he added, the crash "could have been disastrous.
For a split second one stood at the tree stump and looked at me.
uk/echolive Sue said: "My husband made a very basic door out of some decking for a tree stump, and we got such a big response that we added a bit more and a bit more.
Teachers were planning to improve footpaths and to resurface the land where youngsters sat on tree stumps in the summer to study.
Mystery: Tree fungus I've a fungi feeling that this is a killer 6 We have mushrooms on a tree stump at the bottom of the garden.
Chilled out bear scratches his head on a tree stump
DUDLEY - A mother and her daughter are accused of driving to another resident's home, stealing items from the resident's vehicles, lighting the stolen items on fire on a tree stump and then setting her three cars on fire.
Made from a slice of fallen maple by artisan Spencer Peterman that's then fired in a kiln with a foodsafe finish, the Tree Stump Cutting Board ($75) retains its natural uneven shape and its life-defining tree rings.
Forestry workers spray nematodes on a plantation due to be restocked Three million nematodes, suspended in water (inset), are sprayed on to each tree stump to attack the pine weevil
The next day at the same time a 12-year-old girl was walking home from Tanfield School with a group of friends through the Barnes Estate when they spotted a man of about 40 sitting on a tree stump with his trousers down.
Campers, who must be at least 17, blast water out of a pond, blow up a tree stump, and obliterate a watermelon.
He told officials he had tired while walking to the hotel where he was staying and was resting on a tree stump when he was cited by LAPD officers.
In 2003 de Jong made an installation for the Prix de Rome contest that depicted a group of disparate characters gathering around a fire, surrounded by crumbling low walls, a tree stump, and a garbage can.
One of the most affecting images was not the impenetrable gloopy tangle of rusted metal (the buildings literally melted), but a lone incinerated tree stump in the adjacent piazza.
I called a pro for an estimate to remove a tree stump and the price came back at $225.