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insectivorous arboreal mammal of southeast Asia that resembles a squirrel with large eyes and long sharp snout

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Which statement about the relationship between the Low's pitcher plant and the tree shrew is true?
Genetic studies indicate that the tree shrew is more closely related to primates than rodents are (Fan et al.
It helped create a niche which allowed a small tree shrew to come down to the ground and evolve into the human race.
This association, called mutualism, ensures that the tree shrew gets a meal while the plant gets nutrients from the animal's droppings so it can grow.
We tested the hypothesis that tree shrew feces represent a significant nitrogen (N) source for N.
Drinking more and talking less does not seem to be a problem for the Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew.
AB303301) showed that RV1 was homologous to tree shrew adenovirus 1 (70.
On the basis of recent research, scientists suspected that a common ancestor that lived long ago eventually developed into colugos, primates, and a type of animal called the tree shrew.
A suitable series might include a hedgehog (an insectivore with a small, relatively simple brain), a tree shrew (a squirrel-like mammal once thought to be a primitive primate), and a sequence of primate levels (prosimian, New World monkey, Old World monkey, ape, and human).
Similarly, there appears to be no change in the steady state level of retinal acetylcholine or choline between form-deprived and contralateral control eyes of both the chick and the tree shrew.
And this tree shrew from Asia lives in trees and acts a lot like a squirrel.
The tree shrews get nectar, a valuable food source, and in return, the plants get to catch and absorb the tree shrew's faeces which likely supplies the majority of nitrogen required by the plant.
The fossilised skeleton of Repenomamos giganticus, compared with the skeleton of a tree shrew
On this stand I saw a smoky quartz carving o f a Chinese cabbage leaf with a tree shrew sitting on top.
That pattern supports the notion that the tree shrew lineage branched away first, leaving colugos as our nearest cousins, Murphy and his colleagues conclude in the Nov.