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arboreal wallabies of New Guinea and northern Australia having hind and forelegs of similar length

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Belfast Zoo manager Mark Challis said: "Only 13 zoos internationally are home to Goodfellow's tree kangaroos so the arrival of our joey is spectacular.
Tree kangaroos are the biggest native mammal in Papua New Guinea, so they are highly sought after, noted Jim Thomas, director of Tenkile Conservation Alliance.
The PNG Government's declaration follows years of work in the area by Conservation International (CI) and biologists from the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP) at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo in the US.
The forest is critical habitat, particularly for Huon (or Matschie's) tree kangaroos, an Endangered species which is one of Earth's unique creatures with a bear-like head, strong arms for climbing and marsupial pouch.
This question followed a similar question that singled out the tree kangaroos as a mammal species for protection and conservation during the next 10 years.
In beautiful postcards and drawings, Rhode Island children shared a slice of local life and PNG students responded with their versions of the same--stories of their "tsing-tsings" (culturally symbolic dances), descriptions of the mountains and rainforests, and pictures of tree kangaroos.
There are 43 known species of birds of paradise, over 3,000 species of orchid, 18 species of tree kangaroos and much more.
According to the zoo's director of conservation and research, Lisa Dabek, only about 80 tree kangaroos exist in captivity, and their SSP has been just as focused on field conservation as on captive breeding.
Species such as tree kangaroos, narwhals and Irrawaddy dolphins are now closer to extinction, say WWF scientists who helped compile the list and work around the world to save endangered species and habitats.
When Wills was handed some red flowers to feed the tree kangaroos, he instead offered the pretty treat to his wife.
In an additional collaborative venture, some of the same methodology used in the reintroduction project is being applied to work with tree kangaroos in Papua New Guinea.