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arboreal wallabies of New Guinea and northern Australia having hind and forelegs of similar length

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The forest provides critical habitat for Matschie's tree kangaroos, a species listed as endangered by the IUCN.
Woodland Park Zoo's Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP) has worked with YUS landowners and the PNG government for more than 12 years to establish the YUS Conservation Area, which is the first to be declared under the PNG Conservation Areas Act of 1978.
This is not surprising because in Survey I, the golden-shouldered parrot was known only to 27% of the participants while the tree kangaroo and the hawksbill turtle (HST) were known to 74% and 41% of the participants, respectively.
The exhibit featured artwork and letters shared through the Papua New Guinea Art Exchange, a program facilitated by Rhode Island art teachers in conjunction with the Zoo's Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP), which is based in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
The deaths of many animals, including a bobcat, an elephant, two giraffes, a lion, two red pandas, a tree kangaroo, and two zebras, in the past three years prompted the study, which is expected to cost about $450,000.
Just recently, the zoo announced plans to create a 50,000-acre reserve in Papua New Guinea--an effort to protect the threatened Matschie's tree kangaroo.
Fourteen tree kangaroo species are on the Red List, with their status ranging from threatened to critically endangered, which highlights the fact that the species are in an overall decline due to deforestation of their ranges in Australia and New Guinea, as well as hunting.
Star attractions in the area include the bird of paradise and the tree kangaroo.
Lisa Dabek, Director of Conservation and Research at Roger Williams Park Zoo, works village by village in Papua New Guinea, persuading landowners to set aside parts of the hunting lands for conservation so that the endangered Matchie's tree kangaroo can survive.
johnstoni), Lumholtz's tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi), and Bennett's tree kangaroo (D.
Winners included a Rhode Islander who works to save an endangered species of tree kangaroo half-way around the world, a Missourian's drive to bring nature to urbanites, and two Virginia radio talk show hosts whose unique program brings businesses and environmentalists together to find solutions to conservation challenges.
Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program; Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle) Founder of the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program; responsible for the first Conservation Area in Papua New Guinea; used Crittercam(c) technology for the first time on arboreal mammals that allows scientists to record animal behavior through mounted video cameras and transmitters.
The team recorded a golden mantle tree kangaroo, which was believed to have been hunted almost to extinction.
The tree kangaroo is one of the species that will be protected in the preserve.
The team recorded a golden-mantle tree kangaroo, which was believed to have been hunted almost to extinction.