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Many of these creatures new to science are amazing: a miniature fish - the world's second smallest vertebrate, measuring less than one centimetre in length and found in the highly acidic blackwater peat swamps of the island; six Siamese fighting fish, including one species with a beautiful iridescent blue-green marking; a catfish with protruding teeth and an adhesive belly which allows it to literally stick to rocks; and a tree frog with striking bright green eyes.
As long as embryos had reached a minimum age, all the Agalychnis tree frog species tested hatched in a hurry if dunked in water.
a 21 foot-wide, two ton tree frog perched on the roof of the building.
PLEASE, SIR A red-eyed tree frog goes to the top of the class as he points out there's a toad in a hole.
Washington, Aug 29 (ANI): The mating call of the male red-eyed tree frog tells the female everything she needs to know, and it's the rate, frequency, and duration of these calls that determines who the mate would be, according to a new study.
Tiniest of them all is a baby tree frog, which stowed away in bananas being shipped from the Caribbean to the UK.
Sea Turtle's Clever Plan (0836860759) tells of baby turtles who face danger upon hatching; The Proud Pelican's Secret (083685974X) tells of a clever pelican's fishing trick; Clown Fish Finds A Friend (0836-859693) tells of a lonely clown fish facing too much color in the world; Koala Commotion (0836859723) tells of a koala bear's adventure; The Kangaroo's Great Escape (0836859715) tells of kangaroos facing a deadly fire; Little Dolphin's Big Leap (0836859731) tells of a little dolphin who longs to leap into the air like her elders; Tree Frog Hears A Sound (0836859766) presents simply gorgeous colorful tree frog photos as it follows the story of a frog's investigation of a puzzling sound, and The Cranky Crocodile (0836859707) tells of the mean, nasty Mrs.
I find Gore personally appealing, and it's for sure I wouldn't vote for that obnoxious, smirking Texan if he were running against a tree frog.
The species is a unique new member of the tree frog group, he explained.
This arrangement enables the tree frog to toggle between wet adhesion, which is useful on rough surfaces, and dry friction, which gives the frog a grip on smooth terrain.
THE hunt is on to find a mate for a South American tree frog which survived a two-week trip across the Atlantic.
As light dims in the falling dusk, sounds in the Central American jungle of Belize become a screeching concert of insect, tree frog, and bird calls.
You can go out to these streams and (find) a pool where there's 70 crayfish,'' Riley said, and a dearth of native California coastal range newt and the Pacific tree frog.
PLEASE, SIR n A red-eyed tree frog goes to the top of the class as he points out there's a toad in a hole.