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The foam-nest tree frog is a highly adaptable species with a range of habitats in Central Africa, and are known to attach their nests to the sides of man-made structures overhanging water, such as bridges.
High-speed video captured how the offspring of red-eyed tree frogs prematurely break free from their eggs when in danger, Helen Thompson reported in "Under threat, tadpoles make early escape" (SN: 8/6/16, p.
Hops" is based on the escapades of a very real tree frog in author Anita Turnage's backyard.
I have a couple of small goldfish ponds that keep the toad and tree frog populations thriving in my garden.
Meanwhile, far from the searing heat and dust of the world's most spectacular animal migration, a tiny Costa Rican tree frog hitches a free ride on the back of a huge but obliging stag beetle.
This summer, an odd friend lived in my bluebird house: an eastern gray tree frog.
In summer, the insect and tree frog chorus in Toronto; in winter, not in a city, the brilliance of the stars.
The Tree Frog Night Inn, a luxury "eco-inn" at 1727 Mount Baker Highway, will host a grand reopening event from 1 p.
com and brought the list down to three on 9 April 2012, Chloe the chipmunk, Enrique the tree frog and Polly the Parrot.
Chloe the Chipmunk, Enrique the Tree Frog and Polly the Parrot were selected as the final three contenders in the Denver-based carrier's search.
Lawmakers in the Grand Canyon State already have some official items: the bolo tie (neckwear), the Apache trout (fish), the Arizona Tree Frog (amphibian) and the Colt single-action Army revolver (firearm).
A team of US biologists compiled data on the numbers of species at 123 sites around the world and then analysed it using a new evolutionary tree for 360 tree frog species.
The muted colours of the bush as night draws in are depicted beautifully, however, there are also many vivid colours to delight the eye and capture the imagination showing the striking tones of the green tree frog, the lizard and the turtle at sea.
A species of Australian tree frog believed to have been extinct for the last 30 years has been found thriving in the southern state of New South Wales, the state's Environment Minister Frank Sartor said Thursday.