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a figure that branches from a single root

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The resulting tree diagrams were revised thoroughly in order to detect mistakes and ensure coherence.
The objectives and strategies presented in levels 2 and 3 respectively are nothing more than what should be achieved at these two levels of any tree diagram in order to achieve or operationalize the mission.
The tree diagram allows us to classify the available data into groups and to predict dependent variables based on known independent variables.
Figure-1: Tree Diagram with Ideal Self-Concept and Demographic Variables
The corresponding synthesis tree diagram is shown in Figure 2.
While it is useful for visualizing the problem, by itself the tree diagram does not provide a solution to the problem.
What we are doing is taking the legislation and breaking it down into a sort of tree diagram so the machine, as it reaches certain points, can make the right decision.
Users can watch the trees grow as objects move dynamically up or down the tree diagram, helping children to understand the implications of their decisions.
This map was derived by counting the number of steps between titles in a hierarchically-ordered tree diagram of the material.
In addition to rejecting the logic of Parpola's argument, we may object to Parpola's reconstructed Tree diagram because it is so very un-Mesopotamian.
01, we will accept nearly all pairings and our dendrogram, or tree diagram of hierarchical changes, will be very broad and complex.
A tree diagram, appearing inside the CD-ROM jacket, announces six main headings (`A new world', `institutions', `material life', `working life', `social life' and `how do we know') and thus orients the user from the outset.
For Science, the materials were related to the school syllabus (but had yet to be dealt with in class) and showed written text plus a summary tree diagram (the visual aid).
After showing an example of an elicitation questions and resultant tree diagram unrelated to the type of work informants performed ("What type of breakfast foods are there?
In a holon the classical organizational tree diagram is turned upside down.