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any of the main branches arising from the trunk or a bough of a tree


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A would-be soap actor turned cross-dressing Haight-Ashbury freak, Hibiscus was a self-styled drag messiah whose idea of a sermon on the mount consisted of perching himself on a tree branch in full makeup and regalia and wailing "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine.
The intruder, later identified as Michael Patterson, 22, began beating Pratts with a tree branch.
The new Scent Clip is a cannister with fight-sealing lid and cotton balls, and it has a special clip, so you can hang it on a tree branch.
According to Fagan, the purchasers are foreign investors who bought the properties under two corporate names: Tree Branch Corp.
A 63-YEAR-OLD man says he's prepared to risk being arrested due to a dispute with Coventry City Council - over a chopped down tree branch.
Alice, 13, died when a tree branch was brought down on top of her as high winds hit Huddersfield.
He does agree that rafflesias belong on the big evolutionary tree branch occupied by the order Malpighiales, which includes the family Euphorbiaceae.
4 Suppose an aye-aye were to tap on a tree branch in search of a meaty meal.
It describes the loving and caring relationship that a young girl has with her grandpa, beginning with an early morning adventure to find the perfect tree branch so grandpa can carve a flute.
Just as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is a sure sign that February is almost over and the plastic grocery bag caught billowing in a bare tree branch is a harbinger of spring in the Northeast, the annual appearance of "ex-gay" ads is the new portent of summer.