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an engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges

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The cannonball had been fired as part of the Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular - one of the castle's main attractions.
She said: "The trebuchet launched the flaming ball but as it flew almost over the boathouse sparks could clearly be seen coming off it and the high winds must have sent them onto the roof of the boathouse.
A team from FertiLab Shop, a west Eugene manufacturing facility, brought a heavy-duty approach: a bike-powered, steel framework trebuchet built around an old printer's wheel.
Paul Mason and his partner Fiona Lander test the trebuchet
Warwick Castle will showcase a brand new Trebuchet show.
Minister Bachoo said that when the second part of the Shoenfield bypass at Riviere du Rempart will be constructed, it will take people hardly five minutes from one end of Riviere du Rempart to move towards L Esperance Trebuchet and Cottage.
Baserock Embedded Linux software has four primary components that include: Trove, an integrated source code control system that combines a Git-based repository and a service that converts upstream source to Git and synchronising upstream changes into the Baserock hosted repositories; Mason, a continuous integration and delivery service; Morph, a build system and workflow tool; and Trebuchet, a toolset for preparing and efficiently deploying system upgrades to devices.
We also tried our hands at archery and watched the twice-a-day firing of the trebuchet.
Trebuchet discovered by Federales catapulting pot into Arizona
The machine Brielle's team has used most often over the years is a trebuchet (treb-yoo-SHAY), which uses a falling mass to throw an object (see Nuts & Bolts, below).
With fantastic events like the breathtaking birds of prey, jousting and the world's largest trebuchet siege engine in action, it's not one to miss.
He coordinated the college's Computer Integrated Manufacturing Program and was responsible for instituting the annual trebuchet contest that the college conducts for area high school students.
into an appropriate form of novation agreement with CCML and Trebuchet Finance
Experimenting with trebuchet reconstructions, just as other aspects of experimental archaeology, is essential to better understanding our past.
Built somewhat like a medieval catapult called a trebuchet, the filaments snap upward, causing pollen to spray from containers hinged to the filaments.