treble recorder

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a small fipple flute with four finger holes and two thumb holes

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7) In 1926, he used the treble recorder as a true solo instrument, his sons Rudolph and Carl performing Handel's F major Sonata (8) from Opus 1, originally written for recorder.
This part indicates Telemann's preferred instrumentation for each sonatina, naming the recorder, bassoon, or cello for the sonatinas in C minor (TWV 41:c2) and A minor (TWV 41:a4) - both of which have appeared previously in modern editions for treble recorder with reconstructed figured bass lines (Two New Sonatinas for Treble Recorder & Basso Continuo, ed.
The brilliant recorder player Caren Buse played the graceful obligato solo on treble recorder in the pastoral Domine Deus section and the tones of solo soprano and recorder perfectly matched each other in volume and quality of timbre.
The treble recorder is so familiar to schoolchildren, and it always comes as something of a shock to see the same instrument in various other shapes and sizes at concerts,'' she said.
Other prizes include Yamaha digital keyboards, a student violin, a flute, 10 treble recorders with wood grain finish and two handheld vocal microphones.
THE PRIZES The winning school will receive musical, dance and sports equipment in the form of: 1x Yamaha 5 piece adult drum kit 1x Fender 4 string bass guitar 1x Fender electric guitar pack 2x Fender 6 string acoustic guitars 2x Yamaha digital keyboards 1x Student 4/4 violin 1x Flute 10 x Treble recorders with wood grain finish 2x Shure hand held vocal microphones pounds 500 Debenhams vouchers (to spend on pineapple dancewear) 40x plastic match balls HOW TO ENTER FIRSTLY, you need to register on our brilliant new website myDailyPost by visiting www.
Rosemary Robinson will play the spinet with Caroline Jones playing the descant, sopranino and treble recorders.