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Synonyms for treat

behave towards

take care of







treat of something


Synonyms for treat

to behave in a specified way toward

to be occupied or concerned with

to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

to give medical aid to


something fine and delicious, especially a food

Synonyms for treat

an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight

provide with a gift or entertainment

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

engage in negotiations in order to reach an agreement

Related Words

regard or consider in a specific way

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Essentially, the 338 approach treats a loss corporation's BIG assets as generating RBIG, even if they are not disposed of during the recognition period.
Second, if amounts are paid within two-and-a-half months after the end of the calendar year in which the employee performed the services for which the payments are being made, the employer may elect to treat these amounts as not being subject to section 3121(v), if all employees and all similar plans are treated alike.
Now corona technology is shaping up to treat even large, irregular parts like car bumpers and contoured profiles.
Unlike other stents and techniques used to treat bifucration lesions, Tryton's stent is easy to deliver as it uses standard equipment and techniques compatible with 5 and 6 French guiding catheters," said Dr.
The first alternative uses a "bottom-up" analysis to ultimately treat US1 as an owner of J1.
While PEDIGREE[TM] Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Dogs are dairy-based and have a creamy texture like regular ice cream, they are 99 percent lactose free.
Under Section 530(a)(1) of the Revenue Act of 1978, termination of certain employment tax liability is appropriate if a taxpayer (1) did not treat an individual as an employee for any period, (2) consistently treated the individual as a nonemployee on all required Federal tax returns and (3) had a reasonable basis for not treating the individual as an employee.
469(c)(7) provides that qualifying taxpayers are not required to treat rental activities as passive per se.
It's all about helping kids in need, as Dairy Queen(R) hosts the first-ever North American "Miracle Treat Day" to benefit Children's Miracle Network.
For Federal tax purposes, taxpayers may elect to treat a foreign business entity as either a corporation or as a flowthrough entity, regardless of the foreign country's classification, if the entity type is not on the per se list.
The CyberKnife System treats patients in single or staged (typically 2-5) sessions by delivering multiple beams of precisely directed radiation that converge upon the tumor while minimizing injury to surrounding healthy tissue.
If a partner treats a liability that was incurred within two years of being assumed or taken subject to by a partnership as a qualified liability, such treatment must be disclosed.
It is built around the concept of a noncontingent bond method, which treats the projected amount of a contingent payment as if it were a fixed payment.
Nasdaq:JAKK) announced today that the Company will bring to market White Bites(TM) treats, a tasty oral care treat for dogs that helps maintain clean teeth and fresh breath.
Similarly, if the employer treats the reimbursement as compensation, the employee will lose the deduction.