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Synonyms for treatise

Synonyms for treatise

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

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Prosper Lucas's treatise, in two large volumes, is the fullest and the best on this subject.
Now will I pray meekly every discreet person that readeth or heareth this little treatise, to have my rude inditing for excused, and my superfluity of words, for two causes.
Such a programme for a treatise on government might lead us to expect in the Politics mainly a description of a Utopia or ideal state which might inspire poets or philosophers but have little direct effect upon political institutions.
Creswell (Bohn's Classical Library), 1848; with Treatise on Physiognomy, by T.
Hamilton, 1851; Treatise on Rhetorica and Poetica, by T.
Full of this idea, the scientific gentleman seized his pen again, and committed to paper sundry notes of these unparalleled appearances, with the date, day, hour, minute, and precise second at which they were visible: all of which were to form the data of a voluminous treatise of great research and deep learning, which should astonish all the atmospherical wiseacres that ever drew breath in any part of the civilised globe.
But the scientific gentleman could not rest under the idea of the ingenious treatise he had projected being lost to the world, which must inevitably be the case if the speculation of the ingenious Mr.
As to the scientific gentleman, he demonstrated, in a masterly treatise, that these wonderful lights were the effect of electricity; and clearly proved the same by detailing how a flash of fire danced before his eyes when he put his head out of the gate, and how he received a shock which stunned him for a quarter of an hour afterwards; which demonstration delighted all the scientific associations beyond measure, and caused him to be considered a light of science ever afterwards.
The subjects of treatises are often religious, political, philosophical, or scientific.
The 2005 edition, which updates and replaces the 2004 edition, includes updated information on thousands of legal information products, including reviews of over 1,400 legal treatises and specialty titles (including dozens of new titles).
Gregory of Nyssa; the minor treatises on trinitarian theology and Apollinarism; proceedings.
One minor annoyance: as there is only a partial table of contents for the treatises themselves and no running headers with section numbers, the many cross-references given by section rather than page number can be tedious to find.
Paul Murphy's edition and parallel English translation of the first thorough-bass treatise from Spain, Jose de Torres's four-part General Rules for Accompanying of 1736, is a welcome addition to the few Spanish music treatises available in English.
A study of the eight treatises in the Hou Han shu of Sima Biao, which are full of difficult language and technical passages, constitutes a most formidable task for any historian.
1) The increasing number of slander cases sued at court, as well as the fear of social disruption and loss of reputation may account for the great number of treatises on slander being published at the time.