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Synonyms for treat

behave towards

take care of







treat of something


Synonyms for treat

to behave in a specified way toward

to be occupied or concerned with

to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

to give medical aid to


something fine and delicious, especially a food

Synonyms for treat

an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight

provide with a gift or entertainment

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

engage in negotiations in order to reach an agreement

Related Words

regard or consider in a specific way

References in classic literature ?
The laws which physics seeks can, broadly speaking, be stated by treating such systems of particulars as causal units.
Although historically used to treat rare genetic diseases such as hemophilia, specialty drugs are no longer limited to treating such disorders.
A new approach to plasma treating applies the treatment to resin pellets or powder in order to achieve enhanced adhesion of paints, glues, or foamed-in-place urethanes to the molded part.
The Service determined that the termination of the S election was inadvertent, contingent on the S corporation treating the IRA beneficiaries as the shareholders from inception.
It has been approved for only one use: treating uterine fibroids.
Currently, several different types of preservatives are used for treating lumber, timber and plywood.
Responding to concerns from nearby residents who fear that farming with the effluent would spread disease and contaminate their wells, Eastside trustees said county officials should do further study into treating the effluent sufficiently to use it for replenishing groundwater.
If CCA is banned, what are the alternatives for treating wood?
In fact, I first learned about ciprofloxacin ophthalmic drops from a referring pediatrician who was treating patients with CSOM.
Nevertheless, treating a few sick birds necessitates treating an entire flock of 300,000.
The reduction in second myocardial infarction was also statistically significant at 30 days both when the second myocardial infarctions were determined by the treating clinician (p-value 0.
Throughout the event, police appeared to target medics: wherever my partner Leigh and I were treating people, tear gas canisters landed right beside us.
The US Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-Infected Adults and Adolescents (1) recommend treating patients during primary HIV infection.
The IRS and Treasury should be chary in treating NQPS as an instrument other than stock, limiting the application of such rules to prevent taxpayers from obtaining tax-free treatment where the instrument received is subject to substantially less risk than the one exchanged.
The data for this article were generated by using fabric and metal-free particulate obtained from grinding and separating whole tire scrap and then treating the grindings with our polymeric surface treated particulate.