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Synonyms for treat

behave towards

take care of







treat of something


Synonyms for treat

to behave in a specified way toward

to be occupied or concerned with

to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

to give medical aid to


something fine and delicious, especially a food

Synonyms for treat

an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight

provide with a gift or entertainment

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

engage in negotiations in order to reach an agreement

Related Words

regard or consider in a specific way

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That same goal applies in prostate cancer, which researchers abroad have been treating with HIFU since the mid-1990s.
82-83 provides useful guidance when evaluating whether a corporation had some reasonable basis for treating corporate officers as nonemployees.
In response, heat treating services have evolved to help metalcasters streamline production and meet the tightening end-user specifications.
Because employers that withhold and deposit more than $50,000 of employment taxes per year are required to deposit these taxes daily, they will gain little additional time under the lag method, and the cost of treating income on the deferred amount earned during the lag period as FICA wages could be significant.
Recent research also has shown SSRIs to be effective in treating compulsive shopping, Hollander said.
There's a lot going on in the European automotive market with corona treating of large parts for painting and gluing," says Ole Jensen, general manager of Tantec AS in Denmark (sister company to Tantec Inc.
Essentially, these states follow the Federal income tax method of treating QSSSs as divisions.
In today's heightened awareness of radiation's dangers, treating people with relatively high, localized doses of radiation for nonlife-threatening conditions may sound harebrained.
Speaker after speaker recounted experimental data and research results that described the techniques of casting, heat treating and using ADI.
The pooled analysis clearly demonstrates that the preferred approach for treating pancreatic cancer is preoperative chemoradiation therapy followed by IOERT.
Treating such entities as "nonentities" raises issues on the proper Federal income tax treatment of mergers and other asset transfers by or to such nonentities.
Heat Treating, Aging System also Permits Core Sand Removal
Physicians interested in treating patients with radiation heavier than X-rays and gamma rays met at LBL with biologists, biophysicists and biochemists interested in what these radiations do to individual cells (SN: 6/22/85, p.
Clinical Experience In Two Pilot Studies Using CORTOSS([R]) For Treating Vertebral Compression Fractures In Vertebroplasty And Kyphoplasty; 1 To 2 Year Follow-Up Of 40 Patients