treasury shares

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stock that has been bought back by the issuing corporation and is available for retirement or resale

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The Treasury Shares will be registered without delay so that the Treasury Shares will be entered into the Finnish Trade Register on or about 8 January 2014.
At the same time, the Company also transferred 29,538 treasury shares to the
At the same time, the Company transferred 28,039 treasury shares to the
14, 1994, General Mills Declares Quarterly Dividend of 47 Cents; Increases Treasury Share Authorization By $10 Million, we are advised by the company, the headline should read "Treasury Share Authorization By 10 Million" rather than "Treasury Share Authorization By $10 Million" also the first graph, third line, should read, "payable May 2, 1994, to shareholders of record April 8, 1994.
The total number of treasury shares held by the Company remained at 3,318,207.
MONTREAL -- The second paragraph, first sentence should read: "KWG has also issued 5,900,000 treasury shares to complete subscriptions under its current private placements.
Both the newly issued shares and the treasury shares are offered for the subscription by the stockholders of Amber Networks, and they are payable with the common stock issued by Amber Networks.
The Company announces that, following the transfer of 6,114 'A' ordinary shares from its Treasury Shares Account to the Trustee of its Long-Term Incentive Plan, the number of 'A' ordinary shares of [pounds sterling]0.
which provides for the return of 900,000 treasury shares deposited by Centigram with Credit Bancorp in exchange for a cash payment of approximately $12.
19, 1998--Developers Diversified Realty Corporation (NYSE:DDR) ("DDR") today announced that all eleven members of its Executive Committee, in combined action, either through the exercise of previously granted stock options or direct purchase of treasury shares have acquired 974,645 shares of DDR common stock raising senior management's ownership to 3.