treasure trove

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Synonyms for treasure trove

treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth)


any collection of valuables that is discovered

References in classic literature ?
He made another discovery of treasure-trove in the library.
She had been away for a week, visiting cousins in Markdale, and she had come home with a new treasure-trove of stories, most of which she had heard from the old sailors of Markdale Harbour.
Warwickshire coroner Michael Coker will now hold a treasure-trove hearing to decide whether Mr Chester can keep the valuables.
Catalogs offer a treasure-trove of useful and inexpensive gadgets like talking watches and calculators, large-button remote controls and telephones, writing guides, and kitchen gadgets.
The Directory of State Court Clerks offers easy access to a treasure-trove of vital information, including important records maintained by state appellate and trial courts and county courthouses, nationwide.