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a chest filled with valuables

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Vietnam veteran Fenn hid a 900-year-old treasure chest - stuffed with 236 gold coins, nuggets, emeralds, rubies and diamonds - weighing 40lbs.
James Deeny, Managing Director at The London Mint Office, says, "It's exciting to have our Waterloo Treasure Chest on board The Dispatch.
The Key & Treasure Chest promotion can be a fun 'throwback' to the days of Finding lost treasure and a way to get the whole branch excited and involved.
It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but in November 2011 we received a single treasure chest from a lady in Norton containing 94p and it took us beyond PS17,000 in treasure chest donations, so we were delighted.
Obama has lost time - and the key - to open that treasure chest," the report quoted Paleologos, as saying.
Owner and Operator of DW's Treasure Chest LLC, Diedra Walker, states, "We look forward to launching our online business and becoming an internet shopping destination for individuals looking to find the perfect piece at a great price.
A) Treasure Beach B) Treasure Island C) Treasure Chest Email your answer, name, address and contact number to kildare@racingpost.
Nursery Rhymes: A Treasure Chest of Rhymes is an unabridged, engaging collection of original Australian nursery rhymes and poems by award-winning children's publisher Mark Macleod, performed by Andrea Lees and Louie Lee Feltrin to music by Peter Sullivan.
Parents: Before the party, help your child decorate a medium-sized cardboard box (with lid) to look like a treasure chest.
Tales from my old Treasure Chest It's old and worn but it's a treasure Filled with memories of bygone years Yet to me it's beyond measure Of all that I hold most dear It holds such wonderful stories Taking me back to my childhood days Colourful text cards brought home each Sunday As proof of our Christian ways The treasure chest came from my grandma Many, many, years ago Then lovingly given to my dear mum Or so that's how the story goes Inside the chest are my Lord and Saviour My friends and even the disciples It isn't a chest of any kind It's my wonderful family bible There's no gold within this book No maps to show the treasure But far, far more, there's faith and love In my bible that's beyond all measure Would you like your poem featured?
Coleg Llandrillo Cymru, Treasure Chest and The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre are providing a new service for patients during or following treatment.
Our fears of heads being dunked in the treasure chest cocktails were eased when we realised the Keisha in question was actually the US singer Ke$ha, below, and not the ousted Sugababe.
If this seems like a fun endeavor to you, here is how to get your own community treasure chest started.
A TREASURE chest of books was the booty for youngsters dressed as pirates at a Coventry nursery.