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Synonyms for treasonably

in a disloyal and faithless manner

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Many also felt that they had not acted treasonably by taking Confederate government positions; only service in the army was truly rebellious.
The reasons that I don't vote are firstly that neither our MPs at Westminster nor our AMs at Cardiff have had any real say in the running of the country since our sovereignty was treasonably surrendered to Brussels.
while uncontrollably evacuating his bowels, as is treasonably mimed by the lion on the royal arms on the privy wall.
I was invited to participate in the conferences as a Nobel economist, but I treasonably defected to my political science origins in order to defend our political institutions against the imperialism of utility maximization, competitive markets, and privatization.
Despite his initial acquiescence, the king continues to conspire against the lords and succeeds in having Gloucester forcibly removed from the realm and assassinated (2:836-37) and secures a trial, in parliament, of the Earl of Arundel for treasonably taking up arms against his authority.