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a stress test in which the patient walks on a moving treadmill while the heart and breathing rates are monitored

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On the treadmill test you put it on full incline and run for as long as you can on 13km per hour, and they even put mats behind it in case the lads fall off
No non-PAD participants displayed signs or reported symptoms of pain or exercise intolerance severe enough to terminate the treadmill test.
Sloan tried to prove he was innocent by doing a treadmill test in front of the cameras.
Materials/ Methods: The five subjects completed a 20MST and a Modified Bruce Treadmill Test (MBTT) in random order.
This corresponded to a clinically meaningful 172-meter increase in walking distance on a standardized treadmill test conducted at a speed of 3.
This reminded me of another incident several years ago, when a gentleman who had gone to the hospital with a chest pain had been asked to report several weeks later for a treadmill test, to see what was wrong with his heart.
Now one is fine, enjoying a five-day test match on the box, awaiting the proper treadmill test, rattling with tablets: for life.
We started by seeing where our fitness is at and the treadmill test is quite hard.
Objective: It has been postulated that if patients fail to achieve their age-predicted target heart rate (THR: 85% of predicted maximal HR), the electrocardiographic changes following exercise treadmill test (ETT) and also scintigraphic results of this stress protocol for myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) are unreliable.
we [saw] a noticeable drop in the rate of stroke at a fitness level associated with 7-8 METs [metabolic equivalents] based on their maximal treadmill test to exhaustion.
On a standard treadmill test, their exercise tolerance increased by 15 percent compared with that of the placebo group.
In addition they were tested for their hearts' "ejection fraction," the portion of blood pumped out of a filled ventricle as a result of a heartbeat and a measure of heart pumping efficiency, measured by echocardiography; their performance on the standard "six-minute walk test," a widely used clinical measure of functional capacity and endurance which predicts mortality in patients with heart failure; and the performance on a standard treadmill test.
Prior to the study, subjects performed a maximal treadmill test to determine V[O.
The assessment also includes a treadmill test to measure your blood lactate uptake, a body composition test to estimate body fat percentage, and an intensive assessment which pushes you to the limit to discover your maximum oxygen uptake level.
On the third day, a submaximal Bruce exercise treadmill test was performed.