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In England, Mechanics Magazine provided reports from the 1820s through the 1840s of inventions relating to this kind of machine, most of which were foot-propelled by means of a treadle mechanism.
I had some experience of sewing as I used my mother's old Singer treadle machine at home to make things for myself.
Much of the filming takes place with the camera as a companion to the artist, positioned at eye level directly across from her at her dining room table, or standing beside her while she makes work at her treadle wheel.
You won't see a treadle (I learned on one) machine anywhere unless the owner has an antique on display.
The introduction of treadle pumps, originally developed in Bangladesh, has revolutionized water lifting.
The newest model of the Museum Special with a plastic treadle was used in our study, which has greater sensitivity than the older version with wooden treadles (West, 1985).
We told how the invention creates energy by using a treadle device, which is located under the desk, to power the computer it is connected to above.
SEEING the sorry demise of The Torrington Needle Company in the Coventry Telegraph prompts me to write in to tell you of the time that I wrote to them many years ago and asked them if they might be able to supply me with some needles to fit my old treadle sewing machine, as I was unable to buy them in the shops.
Saline groundwater can be pumped out with treadle pump and used for growin vegetables in these areas.
The collection chronicles the development of the spinning wheel from the great wheel and small treadle wheels used in cottages and farmhouses to more advanced wheels from the Industrial Revolution.
With some training and very cheap products, such as the human-powered Treadle pump and a drip irrigation system, farmers like the Bahadurs can begin to grow labor-intensive cash crops that will bring them much more money than they could ever obtain by growing subsistence foods.
He was turning out a dozen 12-foot Delta kites a week on a treadle (foot-powered) sewing machine, cutting his own spars out of Indiana basswood.
His mother was the "raging life force," a seamstress who "stamped the treadle hard against the floor, hard, hard and silently, grimly at war, beating out the first rhythm of the world for me.