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walk on and flatten

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Why we fear to tread down an imaginary world is incomprehensible to me.
How did he manage to tread down so emphatically that it passed straight through?
Much as I like and admire Mark Hughes - and criticising him is a road most pundits fear to tread down - you have to severely question his team selection and tactics for such a vital must-win match.
Mr Brigham told the court: 'I had asked them to stop but they proceeded to snap off or tread down the crop continuously until they were stopped by the police.
8) Christ's garments testify to, first, his own suffering - on Good Friday - in the first wine-press ('In the former, He was Himself trodden and pressed; He was the grapes and clusters Himself'(9)), and secondly to His vanquishment of His enemies - during the descent into Hell - in the second wine-press ('In this latter here, He that was trodden on before, gets up again, and doth here tread upon and tread down .
Who knows what might unfold next season - but before then it might be interesting to tread down the Toon's memory lane and recall where the team finished in the top flight after previous promotion campaigns.
Tread down the paths between the beds, which will become your working base.
That performance left me with the impression that a stiffer test of stamina would suit Fear To Tread down to the ground and result in an improved display.
It's a fine line to be drawn, but we are going to tread down that line.
AFTER planting bulbs, firmly tread down the surface above them to stop mice digging them up.
Repeatedly rake and then tread down so that you have created a fine, firm seed bed.