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overly sweet

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rings of organ thieves, fingers in soft drink cans), we now have e-mail tall tales about underarm antiperspirants causing breast cancer, an endless parade of imaginary sick kids whose dying wish is that you forward their treacly messages to 15 people, and, of course, the specter of Y2K.
Goldwater's treacly lobby--assisted by the timely discovery of $1,200 toilet seats and $800 ashtrays--recast the terms of the debate from antimilitary interventionism to good old American common sense.
I Love You" is as treacly as the title would suggest.
Had the project been left solely in the hands of its co-creator, Cecelia Ahern, the results could have been treacly.
Forgive all this treacly sentimentality - but I am fed up with miserable people trying to ruin one of the best nights of the year.
A malevolent green pasty, it oozed a treacly substance and throbbed alarmingly.
Phair's songwriting is uneven at best, ironically treacly sentimental at times, reflecting her schizophrenic persona.
In truth, Saint-Saens' composition is pretty treacly stuff, but Li, whose feet barely reached the pedals, so hauntingly took hold of the melodic lines, and tossed off the excessive runs with such facility, that the treacle became the sweetest syrup, intoxicating the audience.
However the one person who might be responsible for an upsurge in sales of M&S food is actress Dervla Kirwan whose treacly, honeyed voice could persuade me that cardboard tastes good.
Food-wise it's perfect partly because of the soft bubbles - it's a lot easier on the digestion than super-gassy lagers - and partly because of its crispness and acidity, which marries well with foods a lot better than treacly bitters or ales.
Plump vine fruits and a combination of almonds, walnuts and pecans gave it a robust texture, but it was lighter and less densely alcolohic and treacly than most.
For those who want to relive last year's contest, there's a treacly duet with ``Idol'' winner Kelly Clarkson.
The boots' secret lies in a thin layer of shock-absorbing material that resembles a flapjack - the treacly oatmeal biscuit.
From "You're Why God Made Me," with its touch of George Strait-like swing, to the cool vibe of "Rock and a Soft Place," to the treacly power balladry of "Til' I Was a Daddy," his new tunes were of a piece with the string of '90s hits he offered during the course of his performance.
This might all sound like a recipe for the worst kind of treacly melodrama but in fact it's just the start of a curiously life-affirming story.