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writing or music that is excessively sweet and sentimental


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Mrs Squeers stood at one of the desks, presiding over an immense basin of brimstone and treacle, of which delicious compound she administered a large instalment to each boy in succession: using for the purpose a common wooden spoon, which might have been originally manufactured for some gigantic top, and which widened every young gentleman's mouth considerably: they being all obliged, under heavy corporal penalties, to take in the whole of the bowl at a gasp.
She exhibited her hospitality in bread and treacle, and possessed various works of art.
In any case it was these fingers that helped to spread the treacle on the brown paper, and pressed the latter to the glass until the diamond had completed its circuit and the pane fell gently back into our hands.
Meg, if you start in your honest-English vein, I shall throw the treacle at you.
They are excessively numerous in some parts of Chile, and valuable on account of a sort of treacle made from the sap.