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Synonyms for treacherously

in a disloyal and faithless manner

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Drowsy Cloisterham, whenever it awoke to a passing reconsideration of a story above six months old and dismissed by the bench of magistrates, was pretty equally divided in opinion whether John Jasper's beloved nephew had been killed by his treacherously passionate rival, or in an open struggle; or had, for his own purposes, spirited himself away.
It is part of the general irony of things that in life's crises a man's good qualities are often the ones that help him least, if indeed they do not actually turn treacherously and fight against him.
Precisely the same blinded materialism (working treacherously behind my back) now sought to rob me of the only right of property that my poverty could claim--my right of spiritual property in my perishing aunt.
I saw here, lying half in and half out of the water, the rotten wreck of an old overturned boat, with a sickly spot of sunlight glimmering through a gap in the trees on its dry surface, and a snake basking in the midst of the spot, fantastically coiled and treacherously still.
The burly feminist could not have been quicker had his purpose been to jerk Razumov treacherously up on the landing and bundle him behind one of the numerous closed doors near by.
She has been tampered with, and most treacherously deceived,' cried Edward, rising from his seat.
It still held perils for the riders though, especially the treacherously slippery climb to exit the ninth hazard.
Referring to the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), ymal continued, saying: "The political extension of the organization that is treacherously attacking our soldiers and police in the East and Southeast is being protected by police officers.
And yes, dastard is a real word, meaning "a person who acts treacherously or underhandedly.
Tomorrow our great Russian allies will also be celebrating victory and after that we must begin the task of rebuilding our health and homes, doing our utmost to make this country a land in which all have a chance, in which all have a duty, and we must turn ourselves to fulfil our duty to our own countrymen, and to our gallant allies of the United States who were so foully and treacherously attacked by Japan.
15) looks treacherously open with so many potential improvers from last season.
Another so-called warrior did stand out though, and that was straight talking (I'm so sorry) Nick Clegg - with the students scalps still hanging from his belt, he treacherously turned on his recent coalition colleague - I cannot imagine any decent and rational thinking person voting for this psuedorepentant Judas
Another so-called warrior did stand out though, and that was straight-talking (I'm so sorry) Nick Clegg - with the students' scalps still hanging from his belt, he treacherously turned on his recent coalition colleague.
It not only imposed baseless and false allegations on Pakistan before like in the case of Samjota Express, but were involved in treacherously killing four innocent lives on board.
Rally America rules also prohibit the use of spiked or studded ice tires at Sno*Drift, placing a premium on road traction and making grip levels treacherously variable.