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Synonyms for treacherously

in a disloyal and faithless manner

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Monseigneur, being of a very mild disposition, and being, likewise, of which Monseigneur perhaps is not aware, about to enter into orders, I endeavored to appease my comrades, when one of these wretches gave me a wound with a sword, treacherously, across my left arm.
With an insensibility to danger which I cannot call to mind without shuddering, we threw ourselves down the depths of the ravine, startling its savage solitudes with the echoes produced by the falling fragments of rock we every moment dislodged from their places, careless of the insecurity of our footing, and reckless whether the slight roots and twigs we clutched at sustained us for the while, or treacherously yielded to our grasp.
He had another encounter with the wild-dog, who treacherously attacked him in flank from ambuscade.
And it was this alliance that the Oligarchy afterward so treacherously broke when the German socialists rose and drove the war-lord from his throne.
Precisely the same blinded materialism (working treacherously behind my back) now sought to rob me of the only right of property that my poverty could claim--my right of spiritual property in my perishing aunt.
Just think of that--a man's own hand keeps a record of the deepest and fatalest secrets of his life, and is treacherously ready to expose himself to any black-magic stranger that comes along.
Had her passing interest in him as her stage-pupil treacherously sown the seeds of any deeper interest in him, as a man?
Soon a treacherously competitive pursuit is underway, with law enforcement and criminal victims vying to discover and capture or kill the person responsible.
He asked his fellow male TDs that if their partners, their mothers or their daughters were "brutally and treacherously raped" would they still consider themselves Pro Life?
This California songwriter is pushing a gorgeous boulder up a treacherously steep hill playing melodramatic heavy metal with a certain decorum but listen to how it rolls.
Two years later, when the Hidden Ones are treacherously massacred by the Emperor, Ryo is one of only two survivors and must rethink and redirect his chosen path in life.
A SANTA dash had to be put on ice - due to treacherously slippy conditions for participants.
Such withdrawal of projects without any basis and done treacherously after the bicam report on the General Appropriations Act was already approved in plenary is unprecedented and highly questionable.
was totally unaware that he would be treacherously shot in the comfort of his own car while waiting for the stoplight before him to turn green.
He said India's track record has been treacherously discouraging and no talks could yield positive results without the involvement of the Kashmiris in these talks.