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Synonyms for treachery

Synonyms for treachery

willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust

an act of betraying

Synonyms for treachery

betrayal of a trust

an act of deliberate betrayal

References in classic literature ?
Meanwhile spring came on, beautiful and kindly, without the delays and treacheries of spring,--one of those rare springs in which plants, beasts, and man rejoice alike.
That was the arrangement contrived to cover up the track of the information from all unfaithful eyes, from all indiscretions, from all mishaps and treacheries.
Along the way there is a series of murders, adultery on the part of McLendon's wife, election fraud and a series of other irregular treacheries, most of which are unbeknown to a naive McLendon.
So if you think the win-at-all costs treacheries of ``Survivor'' are video's lowest portraits of humanity, think again.
Precise, simple and deeply serious beneath their breezy and seductive surface, these stories enchantingly explore love's little treacheries and the stubborn immutability of human nature.