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Synonyms for traversal

a refusal to grant the truth of a statement or charge

Synonyms for traversal

taking a zigzag path on skis


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travel across

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In Figure 2, it is shown that the support count of subsequence (3->2->4) is 3 as its occurrence is found 3 times in the web traversal sequence database.
The IETF has previously published a third NAT traversal specification:
An example comprehensively illustrating the generation of the rd-MST and its traversal to list the nodes in pre-order, in-order and post-order fashion is shown in Fig.
Kagoor's unique 3-Way Architecture provides the optimum platform for both peering and NAT traversal applications.
The argument NY OPEN specifies that the subsequent traversal is open starting at the root of the parse dag.
Eyeball AnyFirewall[TM] Engine (AFE) is the industry's leading NAT traversal Software Development Kit (SDK) for guaranteed VoIP and video call completion across NATs, firewalls, and Web proxies.
They provide guaranteed, carrier-grade firewall and NAT traversal across multiple embedded, PC, and mobile platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux, OS X, VxWorks, Windows, and Windows Mobile.
460 endpoints, free SCOPIA PathFinder client software can be deployed at remote sites providing firewall traversal via PathFinder.
The award-winning Ingate SIParator solves the common NAT traversal issues with SIP communications and handles the routing of SIP signaling and media streams to and from the private IP addresses of authorized users on the LAN.
The Ingate and RADVISION partnership has provided for the design and interoperability testing of the optimized joint solution which allows firewall traversal without compromising an enterprise's firewall effectiveness.
The release includes enhancements in the areas of reporting, IP Centrex integration, and NAT traversal, which lead to better call center management metrics, seamless interoperability with other hosted services, and automatic configuration for today's complex network topologies.
CrystalVoice), the leading provider of Voice over Internet software solutions, today announced the company has been granted an advanced firewall traversal patent by the United States Patent Office (Patent Number 6,978,383).
Adaptive hosted NAT traversal, as well as multiprotocol signaling support with interworking functionality, enables Korea Telecom to maximize its service reach, delivering premium IP communication services to business and residential subscribers.
0" software only videoconferencing client, Emblaze-VCON MXM, the network videoconferencing management and administration tool as well as the Emblaze-VCON's "SecureConnect" Firewall traversal solution which enables users to use their own Personal Computers with web cameras to communicate securely with the BBC.
To extend its service reach, Brasil Telecom is using features including support for overlapping address using VLANs and Acme Packet's adaptive hosted NAT traversal mechanism.