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capable of being traversed


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If you have an existing two-track driveway that is otherwise traversable, consider filling the ruts with stone instead of cutting the crown and pushing the dirt into the ruts.
The pathway, however, is too obstructed and pulled centrifugally by competing centers of gravity to be directly traversable or to have a distinct endpoint (Smagorinsky et al.
Reusing" the ancient architecture as a collection of traversable artifacts in the presentation of the site for archaeological tourism not only secures the continued existence of the buildings, but uses them as part of a new cycle of existence, breaking away from the typical linear architectural progression, and reinforcing the Maya notion of reuse within cyclical theory (Fig.
These rafts are traversable as long as you move fast and follow exactly in the footsteps of the PH or the trackers.
Zell, "Long range traversable region detection based on superpixels clustering for mobile robots," in Proc.
A key prerequisite for path planning is that the vehicle can find a traversable path and by closely following the path it can move safely within its task environment.
The available literature also suggests that the gaps created between forests patches should be less than the distance traversable by gliding squirrels species (Asari et al.
The low watershed between the Sarawak and its adjacent river basins and the Kapuas was easily traversable, allowing ready access between the interiors of Sarawak, Sadong, Sambas and Pontianak.
Furthermore, several core arguments promulgating that belief that event horizons are traversable have been dispelled [19].
Not least, the Census is a snapshot held on one night in early August, which in the north of Australia is the 'dry' season, allowing relative ease of movement since river and creek crossings on roads are traversable.
Prior to the late 1980s and 1990s, when large national campaigns like America's WETLANDS were launched, wetlands were often thought of as wastelands--spaces that were neither land nor sea, that were not easily traversable or inhabitable.
Knight's-move text fares much less well in Gettysburg, with only the first six letters (FOURSC) being traversable by a chess knight.
The ice on Lake Quinsigamond, where the team practices, is not expected to be traversable until mid-April.
These innovations include cable median barriers, which are a cost-effective way to help prevent crossover crashes on highways separated by traversable medians; self-propelled modular transporters, which are computer-controlled platform vehicles used in accelerated bridge construction to move prefabricated bridge components into place quickly; and TowPlow, a trailer-mounted plow that can be pulled by a snowplow truck and swung out to the side to double the truck's plow width.