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We need to understand how they can solve the travelling salesman problem without a computer.
In our case the travelling salesman problem (TSP) was approached with the self-organizing network by the elastic tape method.
The man, believed to be a travelling salesman named Williams or Williamson, failed to arrive at a hotel he had booked for August 16, the day disaster struck communities along Cornwall's north coast.
Walkers' Nonsuch toffee's Cornish agent Tony Uren must qualify as one of the most original travelling salesman.
Among the highlights of his post-Stingray filmography are his amusing gangster in Rapid Fire (1992), a martial arts movie starring the late Brandon Lee; the outrageous pop artist Tully Woiwode in Oliver Stone's futuristic sci fi miniseries, Wild Palms (1993); and the bewildered travelling salesman who finds himself trapped in a strange hospital in the Twilight Zone-like Twists of Terror (1996).
If you're a travelling salesman or someone who travels a lot, you can get to all the different places.
This understanding is in stark contrast to the cavalier attitude of the travelling salesman who entered an office around lunch time, looked straight at the secretary and asked, "Isn't anyone here?
With original footage recorded in Israel, Argentina, England and the United States, Berg traces Eichmann's life from his early days as a failed travelling salesman to his ruthless direction of the Holocaust, and finally, his final days as a fugitive and his powerful trial in Jerusalem.
Finding a husband for Katherina proves difficult, with her vile temper and wicked tongue, and therefore Bianca's suitors decide to enlist the help of travelling salesman Petruchio.
3) 5 Ian Rankin's fictional detective (5) 6 Entrance (7) 7 Soccer pundit, - - - Hansen (4) 8 Lapwing (6) 12 Suppress (5) 13 Stared at lustfully (5) 14 Make happy (5) 15 To such time as (5) 16 Romany (5) 18 Interior paintwork and furnishing (5) 19 Without purpose (7) 21 Small lump (6) 22 Fertiliser (6) 23 Wanders (6) 25 Rested against (5) 26 Style and vigour (4) 28 Travelling salesman (3)
You'll need to advertise your game, attend gaming conventions and even buy the odd enhancer from a travelling salesman.
The classic conundrum involves finding the shortest route that allows a travelling salesman to call at all the locations he visits.
Hebden returned to the Street in 1994 as travelling salesman Norris Cole.
A travelling salesman was caught out after giving customers a fishy tale.
Travelling salesman Asi Dayan, aged 30, was driving to the the left of the bus as the militants' jeep rammed it from behind.