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The keeper, who has played more than 400 times for Montrose, is a travelling salesman.
The 37-year-old travelling salesman never married and rarely socialised in the village of Skryne, near Tara.
Ashley said: "Dad, who used to be a travelling salesman, got hopelessly lost once when he tried to drive from Edinburgh to our home in Derby.
During the 1920s and 30s his father, William George Walker, was a travelling salesman around East Clevleand and young George helped him, as he recalled back in 2003.
45PM Angry orphan Rory Culkin suspects cranky old travelling salesman Hume Cronyn is actually Mr Claus on vacation.
Merrit Osborn, a former travelling salesman, founded the company in St.
Maurice fell for Polandborn Helen when he visited her father's clothing business as a travelling salesman.
30pm Tickets: PS8, concs PS6 Based on the novella by Franz Kafka, travelling salesman Gregor Samsa wakes up to find himself transformed into a gigantic insect.
The main theme of the festival is the unsolved travelling salesman problem (or all p vs np problems).
Maureen Stead and Graham Hirst acted out a humorous sketch about the innkeepers wife and a travelling salesman.
The Spider-Man star will play underachieving son Biff to PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN's travelling salesman Willy Loman in Mike Nichols's revival, reports Deadline.
A determined, independent person, he worked as a self employed travelling salesman, spending many years selling on Cape Cod and establishing a long list of loyal customers and acquaintances.
With a wife and three children to support, he tried several jobs - including a short spell as a travelling salesman - before retraining as a primary school teacher.
But Lizzie's father has just taken a job as a travelling salesman and he has no other choice.
Effectively, they are capable of solving the "travelling salesman problem" - a classic conundrum that involves finding the shortest route that allows a travelling salesman to call at all the locations he has to visit.